A Humanist’s Perspective

I believe in the genuine goodness of the original nature of all humanity…

Upon this fundamental belief I base my every perspective.  In a world divided into social teams known as nations, and social classes whose primary concern is perceived status, the view that all humanity is naturally good might seem somewhat idealistic.  When there are causes to defend, and interests to protect, there is always a “bad guy” who must be defeated in the name of assumed righteousness.  Yet it is my judgment that to assume the goodness of the original nature of all humanity is to accept each other from a non-conditioned viewpoint.  Such is a challenge, as everyone is conditioned to view the world through the filter of a preconditioned perspective.  Yet, my idealistic worldview seeks to shed the skin of conditioned beliefs, and to relate to all humanity by and according to our original nature.

There lies within each and every person a sense of genuine goodness which is our true nature.  Whereas some regard the source of goodness as supernatural, I accept genuine goodness as something which is completely natural.   The moral character of humankind; “the milk of human kindness” if you will, is a natural trait innate to our very being.  In fact; our natural sense of kindness towards and compassion for others is only compromised when we are distracted from our original nature.  The reality that we oftentimes act against our our original nature by no means disclaims our innate goodness, but rather merely reveals the reality that there are unnatural distractions which can influence us to deny or even defy our sense of natural goodness.

And thus from the perspective of a belief in the genuine goodness of the original nature of all humanity I introduce to you this blog.  I maintain that self cultivation is the most natural and the most noble of all human experiences.  Such is my personal goal and quest, and I invite you to share with me in this endeavor as I offer insights on this wonderful experience of life from “a Humanist’s Perspective”.

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