Make Believe

By Dave Henderson

When I was a child, I used to love to play “Make Believe”. No game is more universal to children of all cultures. What could be more fun than to put the mind into neutral, and to play out scenes from movies, or just be whatever one’s inner imagination can conjure up for the entertainment of the young. In the midst of such contexts I hit many a World Series Game 7 walkoff homer, saved many a damsel in distress from a fate too horrible to imagine against odds equally unimaginable, and demonstrated superior skills and strength which defied all laws of physics and common sense. And the amazing thing is, that I was so involved in the game of “Make Believe” that even though I knew deep down inside that such feats were not real, in my mind.. IT ALL SEEMED SO VERY, VERY REAL!!! Good times! I am sure we all remember such very well, and relish in the memories of such imaginative entertainment from years gone by. When I grew to adulthood, I faced the grim reality that such games of make believe are strictly for children. Or are they???…..

The game of “Make Believe” that we adults engage in is nothing like unto those imaginative quests of our childhood, but be not deceived folks; we adults engage in a world of “Make Believe” every day of our lives. And like we did when we were mere children, we adults are so caught up in our own version of “Make Believe” that the imaginary concepts that we conjure up in our collective minds are so accepted, that it is as though it is all.. SO VERY VERY REAL!! Yet, reality looms ever present people; we are merely caught up in a game of global “Make Believe”.

We live in a world where we are taught to believe in imaginary lines called borders which represent make believe social teams called nations. Neither the make believe lines nor the social teams are real; they are all merely fictitious concepts of immature minds. So caught up are we in our adult game of “Make Believe”, that most of us actually accept these imaginary concepts as being real. Yet people; the truth be told, there are no borders, and there are no such things as nations! These concepts are so only because we adults agree to accept such as reality, even though we know deep down inside that such are mere imaginary concepts which actually do not exist!!  All too real though are the ramifications of the immature games of global quests and actual world wars that our imaginary world of make believe has created. The concept of social teams are fictitious, the national anthems and flags represent imaginary entities, yet the bloodshed and hardships of this nightmarish game of make believe are unfortunately ALL TOO REAL!!

People… Simon can say whatever he wants to.. I AM NOT PLAYING ANYMORE!!!

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