Thoughts on Tao Te Ching 14.5 (Wu Version)

“Equipped with the timeless tao, you can harness present realities” (TTC 14.5)


Every person is in fact equipped with this timeless tao, the challenge is in realizing such.  The tao is the flow of the natural rhythms of the universe.  Living by the tao is merely being, and being is what any living creature does best when done naturally.  To understand living by the tao is to comprehend our outlook on the day of our birth.  At no point is a person more in tune with the natural rhythms of all that is than when one is in the preconditioned state of infancy.  The peeling away of the conditioning of every day of our lives is a task which requires unlearning and undoing, which is a challenge to those who are conditioned to be constantly informed and ever doing.

The system of conditioning begins early in life, and continues till the end if we give into its ever evolving practice of input and influence.  From our youth we spend every day being taught not only useful skills such as reading and writing, but likewise we are taught how to think within the pattern of a certain culture.  Children of any given culture are taught history from the perspective of their culture, and are taught the religion of their ancestry.  Most people are not allowed to investigate and flourish on their own, but rather each culture conditions its populace to think and be in a certain way.

The tao is transcendent to such.  The natural rhythms of the universe are eternal and the same everywhere and in every age.  It is what it is.

And every person so equipped to just go with the flow of these natural rhythms is able to collar the present realities of a fabricated world.  The thinking which human kind tends to employ is such that the so called realities of any culture are but manufactured ideologies of unnatural ways of thinking.

To go with the flow is to let go of the manufactured concepts of our conditioned state of mind and being, and to recognize our self equipped natural being within the natural flow of all that is.

So doing, we return to and and are in tune with the balanced perspective of our natural existence.  And so it is.

These are  my thoughts on TTC 14.5 (Wu Version)

Dave Henderson

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