Got Milk!

The marketing phrase to which my title refers is normally followed by a question mark.  I choose to emphasize by way of an exclamation mark that we all “got milk!”…

How often one reads of or observes first hand a good deed and refers to such as stemming from “the milk of human kindness”!  Such phraseology is a hyperbole of our innate goodness.  Indeed, every kind word and good deed are merely reflective of the genuine goodness of our actual inner nature.  When we act upon our basic impulses of kindness and generosity, we are living out our natural inclinations and our normal tendencies.

Active moral self cultivation comes from reflecting upon our true nature and remaining consistent in word and deed with such.  Although natural, such is not always easy.  Ego and desires are ever influenced by a society whose fundamental basis is founded upon encouraging and enticing these baser qualities which distract us from our natural selves.  When tempted to depart from your true and original nature of kindness and commiseration, just remember this reality:

We all “got milk”!!

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