Thoughts on Politics

“Politics is power, and power corrupts”

The practice of collective identity lead to civilization.  Civilization lead to structure.  Structure lead to hierarchy.  Power leads to corruption.  Corruption leads to uncivilized conduct.  Socially, such is demonstrated by a society whose very existence is founded upon and centered upon greed and selfishness (capitalism).  Collectively, such is demonstrated by organized aggression on behalf of the interests of the greedy and the selfish (war).  Individually, such is demonstrated by political discussions.

As one who has been quite active in political discussions, I would discourage such for those who seek to cultivate their original nature and to better themselves in terms of harmony and humaneness.  Politics leads to strife and confusion.  The “our party in contrast to your party” mentality is counter productive to the concept of self cultivation.

Let the greedy argue over possessions.  Let the wise seek to cultivate the genuine goodness of their original nature.  Perhaps one day, the greedy will evolve to wisdom.

These are my thoughts on politics.

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