Thoughts on Religion

“Innate knowledge is our library which teaches us right from wrong; inspired writings are but the thoughts of others as to the same”

Religion is the effort by people to connect with the unknown.  The unknown is merely the unknown.  As to the concept of a deity, such is beyond our knowledge.  Hence, whether a deity exists or whether there is no deity are questions whose answers are unknown.  Hence, religious discussions are an exercise of speculations.  Speculative efforts may seem interesting, yet in terms of the ever real issue of active moral self cultivation, they are impractical and perhaps may even be detrimental to the experience.

As one who has been extremely active in religious discussions, I discourage such for those who seek to sincerely cultivate the genuine goodness of their original nature.  Though religion may seem to be the way, yet the actual value of cultivating our humaneness in a context of natural harmony  is experienced by way of inner reflection in contrast to a reliance upon external revelations.  Invariably, religion evolves into an “our side and our scriptures versus your side and your scriptures” mentality.  Such is not the way to cultivate our original genuine goodness in a natural state of harmony.

It is not my place to judge whether one should be active in a religous context. I merely appeal to those who would seek to cultivate the genuine goodness of their original nature to assess whether practicing a religion directs them towards such.  Furthermore, and perhaps even more significantly one would be wise to assess whether the atmosphere of practicing religion is a detriment to the natural experience of an active moral self cultivation.

These are my thoughts on religion.

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