The Natural Race

There is but one natural race; that is, the human race. To categorize humankind and to sink to the shallowness of collective identity is to deny nature and manipulate human relations.  Differences in physical manifestation are what they are:  Differences in physical manifestation.  I have dark hair (well, I HAD dark hair before the forces of nature turned some gray while turning othe…rs loose!!), yet I am no different than those whose hair is blond.  My eyes are hazel; the eyes of others are blue or solid greeen; what of it?

Our shallow concepts of racism, nationalism, and culturalism have weakened the fibre of humanity and succeeded only in fraying the fabric into an unfortunate mess.  When our thinking digresses to “our side against their side” and “those people” and “our kind” as opposed to “their kind”, then we have taken it upon ourselves to rise above nature and write the rules of for ourselves.  It is easy to plunder others for profit, or to wage war against others when we view humanity along such shallow lines of reasoning.

There is but one natural race; that is, the human race.


On Innate Nature and Influenced Feelings

Our nature is innate; our feelings are influenced. The basic nature of all people; of all races; of all cultures; in every place and of everytime; is and always has been the same. Our natural inclination is to be sensitive to the pain and suffering of others.  When we don’t have time to rationalize a situation, then our natural inclinations rule the moment.  Hence, we swerve to miss that dog in the road.  Hence, we hate the sight, or even the thought of another in pain, physical or otherwise.  These natural urges that come from within are our innate nature internally acting upon our feelings.
Feelings are influenced.  Feelings can lead to actions and to attitudes which are good or bad, for feelings are subjective to influence and open to our free moral agency.  In other words, we can think anyway that we want and do whatever we please.  Hence; we can remain in compliance with our innate nature, or act contrary to and thereby compromise our basic nature of sensitivity towards the pain of another.
Therefore, we can on the spur of the moment say unkind words to someone who has “hurt our feelings”.  Thus, we can rationalize the ethic of a society that allows concentrated wealth for some while denying healthcare for others.  My goodness, we can even find a way to justify the torture of another human being in the name of a “righteous” cause.
 We can rationalize all day long our words, our deeds, our beliefs, and our philosophies within the framework of our conditioned beliefs.  The question is; shall we comply with and abide by; or shall we compromise and act contrary to our basic nature of human decency?