Assumed Rights

Our society functions by way of assumed rights, and the effects continue to take its toll on a public whose natural rights are daily denied, by an elite who have disrupted the natural state of social harmony, all the while displacing the goodness of basic human nature….

Capitalism is allowed to function based upon two assumed rights:

1.  The assumed right to exploit the services of another

2.  The assumed right of entitlement to hoard resources and deny them to others

Capitalism is exploitation.  There is no natural basis or rational justification for the way we conduct the business of life in this country.  The shameless exploitation of Mother Earth and humanity is open, accepted, justified, and in the case of conservative mindset; glorified.  There is no natural basis for exploiting the services of another person for personal gain.  Our way of life is shameful.

There is no natural basis for the notion that folk are entitled to hoard resources and deny them to others.  Concentrated wealth is a crime against all that is naturally right and commonly decent.  The sense of entitlement that we have allowed in our society is shameful.  Our nation was based upon this shameful belief, and we have somehow assumed concentrated wealth to be natural and acceptable.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no natural basis for the exploitation of the labor of another person, nor is there any natural basis for the entitlement to hoard wealth and deny others their basic natural right to food, shelter, and healthcare. 

Social harmony is the natural state of being of everything from the cosmos to the kitchen.  The natural state of social harmony is stuck on daily and cyclical “DISRUPT MODE” due to the shameless exercise of exploitation and erroneous sense of entitlement with which we have empowered the elite in our society.

Finally, our natural sense of genuine goodness as human beings has been displaced by our shameful way of conducting our daily affairs int this country.   Our basic nature is that of genuine goodness:  Our natural inclinations move us towards kindness and courtesy, and our  natural sense of compassion hardly allows us to bear even the mere thought of the suffering of any living being.  Yet, in a society of wealth beyond measure, we allow children to be denied food and healthcare, and drive on highways whose overpasses are the home of the countless wandering ones who our culture has left behind.

Shame on us.  SHAME on us.

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