On Tranquility and Harmony

There is no more obvious example of tranquility and harmony than that of the cosmos.  May the universe our example be, and may we of the human species look upward and learn.  The universe is composed of bodies of matter and forces of energy which exist and co-exist in a natural state of peaceful harmony.

The disruptions to such balance and harmony are admittedly troublesome, but likewise are temporary.  When our climate takes a turn to the extreme, there results a disruption to the normal peace of atmosopheric stablility.  When storms of an excessive state ensues then there is  a troublesome disruption to the harmony which normally is.  From time to time such atmospheric disruptions do occur, but these unfortunate circumstances are as temporary as they are troublesome.  Soon the storm passes so to speak, and the balance and harmony of our surroundings returns to its natural state of being.

As with the cosmos, so it should be with we of the human species.  Indeed,  the material bodies and forces of energy of our universe do co-exist quite naturally in a state of tranquility and harmony.  Likewise, we of humanity should be satisfied to exist and co-exist in a peaceful and balanced state.

If only the disruptions of social affairs were as temporary as they are troublesome.  An individual who becomes frustrated with himself and agitated with others tends to return to his normal state of tranquility and harmony once his emotional state balances.  Yet, global wars and social hostility and hatred seem to remain in a never ending state of aggressive agitation.

There is a shortage of tranquility and harmony in our society and in global relations.  We must learn to exist and co-exist.


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