We Do Not Have to Compete

We do not have to compete.  We are forced to compete.  Yet, we do not have to compete.

One the most persuasive forms of propaganda on behalf of a Capitalist society is to indoctrinate the people with the notion that “you have to compete”.  Once folk are conditioned to believe that competition is merely “a way of life”, then they become willing victims in the machinery of the system.  In fact, they merely submit to the willing role of being an implement within that machine.

Don’t you believe this myth.  Don’t you believe this lie.

It is sadly true that we are forced to compete.  Frankly, we have no practical choice so long as the prevailing system is allowed to function.  We were all born into a system that was put into place long before our time.  If a person is to survive, then one must get a job.  Everytime a person fills out a job application and submits such, they are competing with other unemployed folk in order to secure that job.  Every person who has ever been promoted within a firm has secured that position at the expense of another.

Our entire economic system is founded upon and functions by the concept of competition.  The profiteers of this system exploit the needs of humanity in order to assemble groups of willing implements whose purpose and function is to  labor and toil their lives away in order to feed the greed of the elite.   And the belly of the beast is never satisfied.  Enough is never enough.  Hence, the profiteers find ways to eliminate jobs so as to lower the costs of operation.  (Keep in mind fellow wage slaves, our function in this process from the perspective of the profiteers falls on the side of COSTS OF OPERATION, hence it is to their benefit to eliminate our role if at all possible and/or practical).  For our role in this process we are allowed a token amount of money, in order to be able to sustain our existence until our next work shift.  We are allowed 1-2 days to “rest up”, in order that we can return to our post refreshed, and once again willing to sell our services for the primary benefit of the profiteers.  And so it goes.. and so it goes.

Hence, the wage slavery system is founded upon the basic needs of humanity, and the excessive greed of the profiteers.  And the profiteers are able to continue this process by indoctrinating we the laborers with the notion that competitive markets are natural.  By way of this process, they have us conditioned to believe that not only do we have no choice, but that we should never desire such.

And so the profiteers have the market cornered on exploiting the services of the people. 

And so we are forced to compete.  Not that we have to compete.  For we as a society could just decide that enough exploitation of the needs of humanity is enough.  And we as a society could just decide that enough theft of services by the profiteers in exploiting the services and labor of the people is enough.  We could.  We truly could.

Or, we can just continue to feed the belly of the beast while children go to sleep hungry.  We can just continue to supply for the profiteers, while so many live in pain and discomfort because they cannot afford healthcare.  We can continue to pay for the mansions of the rich with our services and labor while many live under overpasses. 

We can just continue to compete with each other, and at the expense of each other, in order to enrich the elite.

We do not have to compete.  We are forced to compete. 

We can continue as willing implements in a wage slavery system which enriches the elite by way of our efforts.

OR, we can cooperate as intelligent caring beings, and implement a system which denies the rich their right to exploit, and which supplies for everyone their basic human needs.

We have a choice.  We do not have to compete.  We merely choose to allow ourselves to be conditioned to believe that being forced to compete means we have to compete.

Competition is not THE way of life.  Competition is A way of life.

We do not have to compete.

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