On Harmony and Humanity

I saw harmony down in Denton town one day about two weeks ago;

I was waitin’ for my daughter to get off work, so I around the town square I did stroll.

The park benches around the Court House there, are invitin’ to the general public;

As I meandered around the square that day, more than once on those I did sit.

Upon the benches facing East were two men of different breeds;

The one with long hair smoked a pipe; the one with a Cowboy hat wore Western style jeans.

Yet as I observed from a distance, as upon those benches they sat;

I noticed their friendly demeanor, as they enjoyed the breeze and did chat.

Now on the side that faced the North, three young men there were gathered;

They smoked cigars and discussed their brands, my presence nearby seemed not to matter.

Two young mothers and their toddlers were in the shade on the side facing West;

Pictures the proud mothers were taking; but the kids seemed to like rolling in the grass the best.

On the lawn facing South a half dozen young adults sat singin’;

The young man with the yellow doo rag played guitar; so pleasant harmonious tones were ringin’.

When folks gather in number, of different cultures, genders, and races;

With good will in their hearts, and sincere smiles upon their faces.

Then there one finds humanity in harmony;

For there is truly harmony in humanity…

When folks gather in number, of different cultures, genders, and races;

With good will in their hearts, and sincere smiles upon their faces.

For such I saw in Denton town about two weeks ago;

For I saw harmony in Denton town that day; and I loved it… dont ya know!!!


On Harmonic Balance

“Before joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure are emitted, there is said to be equilibrium, when they are all emitted in due order, there is said to be harmony.  Equilibrium is the great root of the world; harmony is the universal way of the world.”

(Doctrine of the Mean; Ancient Chinese Classic)

My comments:

1.  The natural way of all that is in the universe; is to seek a harmonic balance between extremes.

This principle is coherent to all that is; humanity being no exception.

2.  The process of all that is in the universe is that of continuous activity, transformic change, occasional conflict (due to extremes), and inevitable return to equilibrium (the middle between extremes); humanity being no exception.

3.  The properties of all things differing; naturally the manifestation of this principle, and the challenges to harmonic balance are various, yet specific to the subject under consideration.

4.  Consider the atmosphere.  When the weather is extreme; be it a thunderstorm or a tornado; be it snowfall or a blizzard; there is inevitably a return to the harmonic balance between the extremes.  Conditions specific to the climate may hinder such; for example the weather of the North Pole or such in the desert. Nonetheless, the general principle that all things seek equilibrium applies.

5.  Consider water.  When there are no external forces affecting water, equilbrium is its natural state.  When wind displaces water, waves is the effect.  When a rock is dropped into water, ripples is the effect.  When the wind stops and when the rock is settled on the surface; then water returns to the harmonic balance of equilibrium.

6.  Consider humanity.  When there are no conditions influencing our mood, we are general speaking in a state of equilibrium.  When our pride is injured, we become angry.  Yet no one stays angry all the time, and if a person were, no doubt such a one would be regarded as dysfunctional.  Hostility is an extreme, and so per the principle we naturally desire the state of harmonic balance.

7.  The principle of equilibrium and harmonic balance being coherent  to all that is, nonetheless the properties of each and every thing are specific to that subject.  In this regard, the property of our humanness allows for a hindrance to the principle.

8.  Free will is inherent to our humanness, and thus unlike the cosmos and the matters and energies therein, we have latitude in the form of choice which can and oftentimes does hinder our harmonic balance.

9.  This latitude inherent to our humanness in no way alters the naturalness of social harmonic balance. Rather, we as humans merely have the choice whether to function contrary to the natural principle of harmonic balance; even to our own detriment.

10.  Perpetual war is the way of human practice, yet such is by no means natural.  Agression is the extreme; peace is the equilibrium; greed is the problem which hinders peace and creates the unnatural state of global aggression our world has come to accept.

11.  Equilibrium being the root of all that is, we of humanity choose to live as trees uprooted.  Would that we were we as well grounded in functioning according to the natural principle of harmonic balance as are the trees.

12.  Harmony being the universal way of the would, would that we of humanity function accordingly.