On Mr. John Lewis

Mr. John Lewis is a  highly respected man;

His public service now several decades spans;

Mr. John Lewis was raised in the Deep South;

A black man in Congress? Well, hush my mouth!

Mr. John Lewis, while still a young man;

Decided that for Social Justice, he would take a stand.

And to that end he has been true;

So I am proud to share his story with you.

Young John Lewis;

Way back in 1963;

Demanded equal rights for all;

While speaking in Washington D.C.

On that historic day;

When it was difficult to even visualize how;

Young John Lewis respectfully demanded:


About a year and half later;

In March of 1965;

John Lewis was beaten by a cop;

I tell you, it is a wonder he is alive!

John Lewis and others were marching that day;

From Selma to Montgomery;

That day is called Black Sunday;

And is a very bad social memory.

Of a time when young John Lewis;

Was active in the struggle for Civil Rights;

And the ensuing years have shown that Mr. John Lewis;

Has continued that struggle with all his might.

Then one day in 2010;

When Healthcare was under review;

Mr. John Lewis and others;

Wanted to supply such for me and you.

While leaving the Capitol on that March day;

Accompanied by a fellow diplomat;

Mr Lewis and Mr Carson;

Who are both registered Democrats.

Were confronted along the way;

By a group of Radicals whose angry rants;

Were pointed and direct;

As they heckled in chants.

Now this group of conservative radicals;

Did not confuse the issues with the facts;

But rather simply resorted to;

Good old fashioned personal attacks.

Others also harassed Mr. Barney Franks;

About choices of  his personal life;

Even there they did not stop;

But rather continued to stir up more strife.

Mr John Lewis and others heard words that day;

Shameful slurs from years gone by;

For Civil Rights may be the law;

But racism and bigotry have yet to die.

Yet in spite of the slurs and the slander;

From the lips of those who to the rich do pander;

Mr John Lewis and others did legislate Healthcare Reform;

Perhaps one day Healthcare for all will be the norm.

Yes, Mr John Lewis is a highly respected man;

On behalf of Social Justice; he continues to take a stand.

Several decades now he has served all people of this land;

Yes, Mr John Lewis is a highly respected man.

(I wrote these words in honor of this highly respectable public servant from Georgian after seeing a special about him on the daily news show DEMOCRACY NOW)

Dave Henderson
Denison, Texas


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