On Change and Transformation

“The way of nature is to change and transform, so that everything will obtain its correct nature and destiny; and the great harmony of natural forces will be self proficient”

(The Book of Changes;
Ancient Chinese Classic)


The basic fundamental nature of all things is constant activity and change.  The entire universe is ceaseless action to some degree or another.  The never ending interaction of energy and material forces transforms everything. Such is the universe.

Most every element of the universe naturally functions in accord with the principles which assure that it will obtain its correct nature.  The instinctive response of most every element of the universe to the principles naturally associated with each respective element is so consistent and orderly that its correct nature is predictable and self evident.

The seed will develop so as to be transformed into the tree. The egg will develop so as to be transformed into the bird. The puppy will be develop so as to be transformed into a full grown dog.  A baby will develop so as to be transformed into an adult. The development of the physical aspects of most every element in the universe then is consistent, steady, and based upon observation; predictable.

The general activities of most every sentient being are similarly consistent based upon the innate knowledge which renders the instinctive activity of most every known sentient being.  The tree will remain implanted, and will not attempt to become mobile, for the latter would violate its basic principles of survival based upon the feeding upon the moisture of the subterranean elements. The dog will walk on all fours and bark, and will never bray as a donkey, for such would violate the principles associated with the exercise of kanine communication.  Indeed, the general activities of most every sentient being are likely as consistent and predictable as are the development of the physical elements of all that is our universe.

Perhaps there is no more inconsistent and unpredictable element of all that is the universe, than the social functions of the human being.  The inconsistencies of our kind have lead to hostility amongst “the intelligent beings” which is so prevelant and predictable that one might theorize that human activity does indeed reflect human nature.

Such a theory might have an element of truth when considered from the frame of reference which regards our tendencies to exploit and dominate one another as natural.  Yet such does not address the thought of CORRECT NATURE.

Inasmuch as the natural way of everything is transform so as to achieve its correct nature, then humanity would do well to reflect upon what such is and how it can be achieved amongst our own kind.

Such will be my discussion in my next post.

Davey Lee


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