On The Correct Nature (The Book of Changes)

“The way of nature is to change and transform, so that everything will obtain its correct nature and destiny; and the great harmony of natural forces will be self proficient”

(The Book of Changes; Ancient Chinese Classic)

Previously, I shared my thoughts on “change and transformation”.

As the classic states, “the way of nature is to change and transform, so that everything will obtain its correct nature and destiny”.

As we discussed previously, the process of change which renders correct nature for most every aspect of the universe is so natural as to be predictable.  Such is the case as evidenced by the physical sciences and by mere observation.  Everything has a principle, and most everything functions quite naturally in accord with their respective principle.

Except for the social function of the human being.

We are beings of an allegedly “higher intelligence”, yet by our function humanity all too often exposes our ignorance of  and/or our apathy towards our respective correct nature.  That which nature achieves by instinct renders that which humanity ever fails to achieve by intelligence:  The great harmony!

This is not to say that all within nature is harmonious, granted there is occasional conflict,and such is admittedly problematic.  Yet nature has a tendency to evolve towards a harmonic balance. Thus nature’s conflicts are but temporary, accompanied by a state of change into an inevitable  harmonic balance.

Nature’s way is thus to transform into a state of general harmony, while the way of humanity ever evolves toward perpetual hostility.  The state of our being is failing miserably to qualify as “correct nature” in comparison to the cosmic communion of the universe.

It seems to me that the reason for our failure is an ignorant and/or apathetic abuse of our freedom to choose.  We of the human species have the right to choose whether to achieve our correct nature, thus we are at the mercy of our own evolved state.

One of my greatest fears and frustrations on behalf of my own kind, is that our state of perpetual hostility towards one another may be assumed to be natural merely based upon being common place.  It seems to me that we must grasp the concept that our choices are not necessarily in accord with our correct nature, but rather that our freedom to choose how to function is merely a quality of our general nature.

Whatever the correct nature of humanity is; we can logically rule out that which prevails amongst our kind as we experience it now.  So long as the social relations of humanity renders perpetual hostility, then we are most definitely not achieving our correct nature.

There is a correct nature for everything in the universe.  The natural way of most every aspect of the universe is to evolve into the correct nature respective to its being.  The result is a general harmony among most aspects of the universe.

The only answer for humanity is to change and transform into our correct nature.  So long as perpetual hostility amongst us prevails, then we are evidently not achieving our correct  nature.

In my next post I shall elaborate further as to our correct nature, and offer my thoughts as to the process which in my mind we need to employ in order to achieve that which is our correct nature and our most desirable destiny.

Davey Lee

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