On Competition and Cooperation

The nature of competition is to divide;
And to award some with plenty;
The nature of competition is to divide;
And to leave some without any.

The nature of cooperation is to draw together;
And to supply for the common good.
The nature of cooperation is to draw together;
Surely to cooperate we should.


The Tainos and Columbus Day

I wonder if the Tainos,
Celebrate Columbus Day?
Their ancestry knew him personally,
So the history books say.

The Tainos were the people,
Indigenous to the land,
Which Columbus “discovered”,
They are Native Americans.

Columbus held the Tainos,
In very high esteem.
He said they were good and generous,
(Truly a Conquerors dream).

Columbus and his men,
Returned the Tainos generosity,
By enslavement and torture,
In search of Colonial prosperity.

The Tainos men,
Were forced to work the gold mines,
They had to leave their fields to rot,
Which lead to their decline.

The Tainos slaves,
Who did not produce sufficient gold,
Were punished and tortured,
(In my school, this account never was told).

The Tainos lineage now,
Are of the Dominican Republic, and in Puerto Rico.
If I spoke with a Taino,
This I would want to know:

Do modern day Tainos,
Celebrate Columbus Day?
Whose ancestry knew him personally,
So the history books say.

Capitalist Island

By the strangest of circumstances,
A group of 10 previously unknown,
Were deserted in a far off sea,
A tropical isle they now commonly owned.

We must work together, said one;
And together erect 10 huts.
If we will only cooperate,
Then we won’t find ourselves in a rut.

We must also gather food,
So each one of us can eat.
We will share what we gather,
At an appointed place we will meet.

Most everyone agreed,
Yet as plans were underway,
A certain man stepped forward,
He had something he wished to say.

Everyone was silent,
As this man made his case,
He said equality is wrong,
Then he volunteered to run the place.

He explained that their plan,
As pleasant as it might seem,
Was actually Socialism,
Contrary to the American Dream.

Cooperation is a liberal plot,
And sharing lacks the appeal,
Of good old fashioned competition,
Then he offered them a deal.

You obviously need a leader,
And folks I am just the man.
If you 9 will work for me,
I will be the leader of this land.

So first you must build a hut,
But you must construct it oh so fine!
Build it firm and strong,
For this first hut will be mine.

Afterwards from the scraps,
And whatever may remain.
You may build 9 common huts,
Make them about the same.

Now your daily work,
Will be for my Corporation.
But realize the merits,
For we are now a Nation.

Those of you who do the most,
And complain not at any given task,
Will be allowed more than the rest,
What more could you possibly ask?

Granted, I will keep the most,
And I will always have the very best.
But work with pride at what you do,
Then you will be better than the rest.

Surely you now understand,
Since you are now enlightened with realization,
That the plan as I have explained it today,
Is the way of civilization!!

The Highest Priority

Food, shelter, and medical care;
Are humanity’s basic needs.
Surely upon this point;
Most everyone is agreed.

The “right” to exploit and profit;
(A concept foreign to early “Man”);
Has seemingly become;
The fundamental “right” of our land.

Nature clearly reveals;
What logic should dictate.
The welfare of each person;
Top priority a society should make.

Davey Lee

(Note:  With reference to “Man” as applied in Line 6.  My apologies in advance.  I attempt to shun the use of the word “Man” as an application to humanity as a whole as I feel it is a sexist reference.  I confess to succumbing to my poetic desire on this particular occasion.  Davey)