Thoughts on the Creation Myth

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.  So reads the opening line of the Bible.  No further does one have to read than these very words in order to realize that something is amiss.  Some common sense and critical thinking are in order:

If the alleged event occurred “in the beginning”, then who confirmed the act?  It being asserted within the text itself that nothing nor anybody was in existence as of yet; then how could the creation itself be confirmed?  If one were to argue that the very existence of all things after the creation confirms the act; then it must be pointed out that there were no more confirming qualities then; “in the garden”, than there are now; in the “real world”.

The fact is that the existence of all that is merely confirms the existence of all that is.   As redundant as it may sound, the existence of all that is merely confirms its own existence.  There is nothing that I am aware of within “the nature of nature” that confirms its source of being beyond by way of the operation and exercise of the natural sciences.

Thus, with no one present to confirm the alleged act of creation, then the record itself is merely assertion until proven otherwise by credible confirmation.  Furthermore, the act of “creation” will ever remain a mere assertion until demonstrable evidence of such is scientifically proven.

Confirmation of the asserted act of creation lacking the evidence of credible witness or demonstrable proof; then the record of such much be qualified as merely hearsay, and the very thought of the deed must be qualified as a mere absurdity.

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