On Religion and Corporations

It was back in 2010 I do believe,

When the Supreme Court of this here “world’s greatest nation”,

Declared that Corporations are people;

Now this caused me great aggravation.

‘Cause I was under the false impression,

Oh silly, shallow minded simpleton that I am.

That only folks born of a mother,

Could be qualified as human.

But apparently I was wrong,

As so often in my life I tend to be,

I am so glad that the US Supreme Court,

Clarified that issue for simple minded Davey Lee.

And now once again so embarrassed am I,

To learn that religions are people as well.

It seems I don’t know a person from an ideology,

Oh woe is me; oh what the hell.

I am now being told,

That if agnostic thinking I dare to mention,

That I am guilty of society’s newest crime,

“The defamation of religion”

So apparently religion is a person,

I just assumed religion was an ideology.

And I thought only people can be “defamed”,

Glad to meet you; Mr Theology.

And I do apologize Mr Theology,

If your feelings I failed to spare.

It is not my way to insult my fellow person,

Please don’t think I do not care.

Yeah, I hear the world is overcrowded.

Well so long as “people” experience constant revision.

Humanity will grow by leaps and bounds

There will arise more “people” with each social decision.

Well, since religion can be defamed;

A fact now brought to my attention.

Hopefully corporations will not exercise their freedom of speech,

By defaming the sacred name of religion.


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