The Selective Regulation of Certain Rights

“Patricia Maisch, a hero of the Tucson shooting that left six dead and another 13 wounded, including former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), was escorted by police out of the Capitol Wednesday for telling senators that they should be ashamed of themselves for blocking a provision requiring background checks for gun sales.”

So begins this week’s piece in the Huffington Post regarding the actions of the police this past week in escorting a genuine hero from the floor of the Senate after our representative body of elected officials blocked provisional background checks for gun sales.  The Post goes on to report that the mother of one of the wounded survivors of the Virginia Tech shootings was likewise escorted out of the Capitol:

“Lori Haas, who also told the Senate from the gallery that it should be ashamed of itself for blocking the background checks measure, was escorted out along with Maisch. Her daughter Emily was shot twice at Virginia Tech and survived.”

Oh, the dastardly deeds of these subversives:  They dared to speak out!

And oh the irony!  How dare these ladies exercise the unfettered privileges of the First Amendment in the light of our esteemed Senators’ decision to protect the rights of others to exercise the unfettered privileges of the Second Amendment.  How dare they?

Not to worry.  It being the case that there are apparently “reasonable limits” to the exercise of the First Amendment, no doubt our faithful social leaders will reason thusly with regards to the exercise of the Second Amendment….  Next time….

(To read the full article reporting these events:

Also, my thanks to Martha Maria for posting this article on her Facebook Page.  Likewise I thank Nina Rene Pepper for her comments related to the piece in The Post.  It was in fact Ms Pepper’s comments which inspired my own.  Davey Lee)


2 thoughts on “The Selective Regulation of Certain Rights

  1. If you are a true protector of the First Amendment, then would you defend my right to stand up at an Obama press conference and shout “Liar, liar, pants on fire!”? 🙂


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