I am a skeptic with regards to god;

I am a cynic with regards to civilization.

I think most social problems;

Are of our very own making.

I am an optimist with regards to people;

I believe in humanity.

I think all that there is of goodness;

Is derived from within you and me.

Institutions are our undoing;

Civilization is too uncivil to me.

Church and State are compatriots;

To manipulate and condition the minds of the free.

No flag do I salute;

No god do I embrace.

No people are my own;

Except the entire human race.

When I breathe my last;

I believe my being then shall end.

If you are now breathing;

Then I regard you as my friend.

If harm you intend me;

Then avoid you I will do.

If peace and harmony please you;

Then I will converse with you.

Good luck with this thing called life;

It happens only once I think.

In terms of time unfettered;

Our span is but a blink.

Be happy, be well, be free;

Enjoy the life you live.

Be content to merely be;

Are the limits of the advice I give.

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