Regretfully Yours, Evolution

Don’t blame me,

Says Evolution to humanity.

You evolved intelligence,

Yet you chose insanity.

You evolved articulation,

To settle your affairs with words.

Yet you chose brutality,

And the atrocious acts of war.

You evolved compassion,

In a world with resources aplenty.

Yet you allow a few to hoard,

While there are many who lack  any.

The planet you inhabit,

Upon whose resources you depend.

You pollute, abuse, and destroy,

As though there will be no end.

The more I consider the matter,

Perhaps I am to blame.

Humanity was developed by me,

I am truly ashamed.

Yes, I do regret it now,

But sadly, it’s simply too late.

I know now where I went wrong,

I should have stopped with the Ape!!!


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