Impeach Obama!

Impeach Obama!  Impeach Obama!!

The conservatives always say.

If we just keep searching,

We’ll find a reason someday!

For five years they’ve been cryin’,

For five years they’ve been tryin’,

For five years they’ve been lyin’,

All the while I’ve just been sighin’.

The reasons for impeachment they’ve contrived,

Now number about twenty-nine,

It seems every week or so,

There’s a new complaint or whine.

Perhaps we should impeach Obama,

For that sinister middle name.

There has to be malicious conduct,

With a name like Barack Hussein!

Everyone knows,

Obama’s gonna take our guns!

Of all the reasons to impeach him,

That has to be number one!

Let’s impeach him,

For wanting to provide Healthcare,

How un-American can you get!

To provide for the general welfare!

Why, I have it on good report,

He was born on foreign soil.

No wonder he cannot appreciate,

Our nation’s dependency on oil.

Something must be done!

‘We must impeach this evil man.

Before his sinister plans,

Become the law of the land.

I can see you Conservatives,

Are in need of some assistance.

Try as you might,

Quite lame is your resistance.

Now I’m a Southern white male,

Been that way since birth,

I’m Texan to the core,

I was born in old Ft Worth.

So I can dummy down,

And think like a redneck.

I will help you with your mission,

Why not?  What the heck!

Since all has failed so far,

I have an idea for reason number thirty,

Let’s stop beatin’ around the bush:

Let’s get down and dirty!

I will give you a reason to impeach him,

With evidence which has no lack,

Lets impeach Barack Obama,

For being President while being black!!

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