A Fatherly Chat

The price of civilization son,

Is very high indeed.

Explained the father to the son,

Who he bounced upon his knee.

Always remember son,

Our long lost fallen killers.

This land would not be ours,

Were it not for heroic blood spillers.

Give honor to those who never gave up,

They conquered and murdered the Indians.

It took several hundred years,

But their land we finally did win.

Lest we forget, (if we ever knew),

How we  pillaged the Philippines.

And how we oppressed and dominated Cuba,

After their independence from Spain so mean.

And appreciate the sacrifices made,

When we dropped the atomic bomb on Japan.

They forced us to do it son,

To mass murder the citizens of their land.

And always know my son,

That civilization operates off low paid labor.

So the privileged and the rich,

Can their exploited profits savor.

And this son is the reason why,

The blood of others must always spill.

So that civilization might thrive,

And our way of life remain still.

So conquest and murder is good,

In order to establish civilization.

And weapons of mass destruction save lives,

So long as others suffer the mutilation.

I hope you enjoyed our little chat son,

Now off to Bible School.

And believe whatever your school teacher says,

And always follow the rules.

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