A Social Agitator

The Politician is a Corporate puppet,

The Laborer a wage slave.

Churches and schools condition us all,

To keep our mouths shut and behave.

If we speak out,

We are labeled “troublemakers”.

If laborers organize to bargain for decent pay,

They are labeled “selfish takers.”

The poor and the uneducated,

Are scorned by a society.

Which turns its back,

On those who suffer in poverty.

The rich own media outlets,

Which they use for daily smear campaigns,

To condition the public to believe,

That labor and the poor are to blame.

Thus the rich and the wealthy,

Get a free pass from the society.

Whose resources they exploit,

While folk suffer in poverty.

Indeed we are conditioned to judge,

And hold accountable “the have nots.”.

In spite of the fact that “the haves”,

Are the ones who call the shots

If we speak out,

We are labeled “troublemakers.”

I’ve been called worse,

I’m a social agitator.


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