Kindness Is The Way

You look to God for peace, you say?

Well, I can appreciate that myself.

I was a Christian for many years,

There is a Bible on my bookshelf.

I reasoned my way out of faith,

Several years ago now.

Many of my church friends ask;

How could you Davey Lee?  How?

I have no regrets for my thinking then,

For my years of sincere Theism,

Nor have I any regrets today,

My perspective is now Atheism.

You see there are no changes to the person,

Who arrives at an alternative conclusion.

Nor is the person bad,

Who admits to a sincere delusion.

Nor are the facts any different,

For truth knows no deviation,

Reality alters not,

Nor depends upon confirmation.

Reality merely is what is,

All that matters is the here and now.

Ancient myths are irrelevant,

We must live in harmony somehow.

Kindness is the way to peace,

For regardless of your ideology.

Harmony will never be,

Until kindness is our psychology.


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