The Bible’s Nameless Dames

Second rate citizens I suppose,

These three nameless dames.

As with other women in the Bible,

Who were often not even named.

These three in particular,

Come to mind.

Yeah, these three women,

Are favorite Bible characters of mine.

Two of these nameless women,

Were married to men who in drunken stupors.

Exposed their genitals to their own offspring,

Yet the Bible regards each man as just super!

Yet the wives of these irresponsible men,

Will forever remain nameless.

While their husbands Noah and Lot,

Are seemingly regarded as blameless.

It was righteous Lot in fact,

Who once offered his daughters to be gang banged.

Then after his nameless wife died,

With each daughter in drunken sex he engaged.


The Bible critically proclaims.

Yet even though murdered by God,

The Bible records not her name.

And then there is poor Jephthah’s daughter,

A victim of her father’s rash vow.

Murdered as a sacrifice to Jehovah,

A deed which God did allow.

This poor victimized daughter,

Whose name should be esteemed in remembrance.

Was murdered by her father as a sacrifice,

While God witnessed the deed in silence.

Yet in a similar circumstance,

When the human sacrifice was a male.

God personally intervened,

The knife on Isaac’s neck never fell.

Yet poor Jephthah’s daughter,

We will never even know her name.

Was sacrificed to God himself,

By a father’s rash vow she was slain.

And so the Bible regards these three,

These three nameless dames.

They all deserve to be remembered,

Yet we don’t even know their names.

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