My Southern Plea

I love my beloved Southland,

I am a Texan named Davey Lee.

My parents are each from Arkansas,

My grandfathers each from Tennessee.

I love my family,

My homeland, and my friends.

I am, and ever will be,

A southern boy to the end.

Inasmuch as I love the South,

Our history saddens me.

We have a heritage of hate,

Of racism, and bigotry.

Now I do believe it’s better,

These days than it used to be.

Be we’ve a long way to go,

There is no time for complacency.

‘Give it time’ some say,

‘Progess takes time you know’,

But that is merely an excuse,

I’ll be the first to say so.

Because I agree with a great southern man,

Whose name was Martin Luther King.

Now is always the right time,

When it comes to doing the right thing.

So whether it’s interracial relations,

Or same gender marriage equality.

It’s time we all grow up,

At least it seems that way to me.

So with my natural southern drawl,

I speak out and I implore.

Let racism and bigotry be gone forever,

And may hatred be no more.

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