The qualities of Nature,

Are that of regeneration.

Ongoing change,

And constant transformation.


There is no evidence,

Of an outside force to assist.

All that is simply is,

And of such all naturally consists.


Robert Ping

It was warm that Summer morning,

In June of 2009.

The date was the 24th

When I lost a good friend of mine.

Robert Ping was his name,

And he was many things to me.

But on that very day,

He died a servant of humanity.

Compelled by neither pledge nor oath,

When he responded to natural duty.

Robert died a hero’s death,

Due to goodness and inner beauty.

I don’t know what I would have done,

Had I been in Robert’s place.

But I know what Robert did,

When he met Death face to face.

Robert chose to get involved,

When he happened across a car accident.

Robert’s choice to get involved,

Proved to be his final incident.

For as Robert was in the road,

Rendering aid to a lady who had been hurt.

He was run over from behind,

The curtain fell abruptly on his life’s concert.

It has been several years now,

Since the day he passed away.

But I always think of Robert Ping,

On this particular day.


(In honour and memory of Robert Ping,

Born:   April 2,1969

Died:  June 24, 2009

So long my friend….)

Where Are Those Guys?

God went on vacation,

And left Satan in charge down here.

Satan stepped out to the market,

And stopped off to have a beer.

The plants and animals were fine,

Until the two deities chose to flee.

Evolution got out of control,

And humanity came to be.

The planet now has to endure,

The deeds of humanity.

The plants and animals must wander,

Where the hell the two Big Shots must be!!!

The Dawning of The Day

A rooster crows in the distance,

A squirrel scales a tree.

Egrets in communal flight,

Against the early dawn I see.

Four Blue Jays now have claimed,

The lower limb of an old Pine.

The dawning of another day,

A favorite time of mine.

As the smoke of my fresh lit pipe,

Drifts away in the soft cool breeze.

I realize how simply wonderful,

Are moments such as these.

Secular Goodness

Secular goodness is a concept,

Which those folks reject.

Who regard religion as the cause,

And goodness as the effect.

Goodness without god,

Is to these a foreign notion.

For these simply will not conceive,

Of goodness without spiritual emotion.

Secular goodness is concrete,

And develops naturally from within.

A lack of goodness is a shame,

But humanists don’t regard such as a sin.

Kindness and compassion,

Are qualities natural to the human condition.

And develop freely from within,

Those of rightful intention.

Secular humanism is a perspective,

Based upon the natural philosophy.

That goodness does not come from god,

But rather develops within humanity.

A Burden to Bear

People bearing burdens bring the best out in humanity. 

The person carrying a load who approaches a door is likely to inspire a complete stranger to rush to open the door for them.  The person who rushes to open the door is so inspired not by any expectation of gain or approval in so doing. The person who rushes to open the door is so inspired not because of common ideology with the burden bearer.  In fact, the person who is inspired to rush to open the door likely knows absolutely nothing about the person carrying the load except that the burden bearer is carrying a load.   The fact that the burden bearer is carrying a load is enough, in and of itself, to so inspire the complete stranger to rush to open the door for the person carrying the load. 

Indeed, people bearing burdens bring the best out in humanity.

Imagine how inspired people would be to rush to aid each other if we would realize that EVERYONE bears burdens.  Not all burdens are as noticeable as a load that someone is carrying in their arms.  In fact, most burdens that folks bear are more troublesome than a mere load in one’s arms.

People bearing burdens bring the best out in humanity. 

Or do they?