3 thoughts on “Peaceful Means to a Peaceful End

  1. Simple and powerful. It’s true. There really is NO NEED for all the fuss. Sometimes it seems like we are addicted to feeling terrible, the horrible things we do and that our leaders do on our behalf 😦 Collectively we do manage to make a bit of a mess of things. Though.. collectively we also sometimes surprise ourselves with out ability to get in and work together fixing some of the crap we messed up in the first place.. lol

    Great post, Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • If we learn by our mistakes, then I for one am working on my Doctorate and am writing my thesis daily!! Thanks for your comments! (I dig your site, I visited it a couple of days ago. I like people who are transparent and right up front and out there. I perceive you as such)

      • I have my moments, I’m not entirely sure I like to be vulnerable all the time, and often I actually do it uncomfortably, which really seems kind of stupid *eyes cross over in my head*

        Other times, I become very introverted and might not be around much.. *shrugs*. I think we all have our ways of coping with whatever stresses we may have, and that’s okay, providing you aren’t getting hurt too much or hurting other people.. oh and of course.. learning along the way!

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