Playing God and Real World Issues

As a general rule, I refrain from offering my opinions of issues related to women’s health. Frankly, my ignorance as to such simply embarasses me.  Even more embarrassing is to hear those of my own gender speak flippantly and with presumptive authority as to matters which quite frankly do not concern we males.  Until such time as I suffer the natural physical hardships which burden the female community, I simply do not feel qualified to opine regarding issues so involved.  However, I do feel inclined and somewhat obligated to speak out when representatives of my own gender take it upon themselves to share a patriarchal perspective which is critical and judgmental of decisions made by women related specifically to feminine issues.  More to the point, I have in mind at the moment Arkansas’ own Public Preacher/Politician/Patriarchal Commentator; Mike Huckabee.

It seems that the good Reverend has decided that when a woman chooses to abort a pregnancy she is thereby “playing God”.  Now his private opinion as to such matters is his right, but his public proclamation as to such merely exposes his ignorance and insults the intelligence of free thinkers in general.  To coin a southern colloquialism, this is a matter of “the pot calling the kettle black”.  It is in fact Mr Huckabee specifically and the religious community in general who “play God”.  Whereas I admittedly feel somewhat uncomfortable discussing feminine issues due to my ignorance of such matters, “playing God” is a practice with which I am all too familiar.  As one who was for many years a very involved practicing Christian, I know all too well the experiences of “playing God”.

People of all religious types “play God”.  Some play “Jehovah God”, some play “Allah God”, while others play “Elohim God”.  Some even enhance the experience by playing “Jesus God” and “Holy Spirit  God”. Now although I have left the Christian community, and reasoned my way to Secular Humanism, I nonetheless continue to fully support the right of Mr Huckabee and the entire religious community to “play God” as they will; yet in PRIVATE.  In a free society, people should and must have the freedom to practice religion as they so choose.  Yet whether folks play “Jehovah God”, “Beelshebub God”, “Assher God”, “Ra the Sun God God”, or “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster God”, regardless any and all such “play God” experiences are exclusively a PRIVATE right, and simply must remain so if we are to legitimately be a free society.

Frankly speaking, there is no place for religious theories in discussions of real world consequences.  The stakes of real world issues are simply too high for intelligent beings to be burdened with the introduction of unconfirmed theories and ancient myths into the discussion.  The Mike Huckabees of the world are completely entitled to their personal practices and beliefs, yet an intelligent society simply must sift reality from fiction in order to function in accord with natural human intelligence and with respect to actual human rights.

If Mike Huckabee wishes to look to his beloved Jehovah as the source of all life, such is his prerogative.  If Mike Huckabee wishes to regard Jehovah as the reason abortion is wrong, in spite of the fact that the Bible alleges that Jehovah drowned innocent children (so much for the “all loving” nature of God) because people did not turn out the way he wanted them to (so much for the “all knowing” nature of God); and in spite of the fact that the Bible alleges that Jehovah promoted the mutilation of innocent babies who were born of a certain lineage (Hosea 13:16 for the curious); then such is his prerogative.  But an intelligent and free society simply must distinguish between fact and fairy tale when addressing real world issues.

As to those who are inclined to go the way of the Mike Huckabees of the world, I will ALWAYS defend their right to “play God” in private.  Yet, the freedom of religion NEVER gives Religionists the right “play God” in public.

As to men who are inclined to opine regarding a woman’s rights as to her personal health and choices, I recommend that we males enjoy our natural qualities such as facial hair and deep voices, and leave the female gender to deal with their own bodies and choices as they deem reasonable.

2 thoughts on “Playing God and Real World Issues

  1. Appreciate this post. It’s seldom one hears this from a male. But then, you are a humanist. Another issue I would like males to think about, and discuss, if I may mention it, is the abuse females all too often endure from males. The statistics are horrific. And yet there’s a dirge of discussion among men of the causes, cures for this?

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