Listen Up Young People!!

I look at this younger generation and I wonder, “what have they learned from mine?”:

Have they grasped the vital importance to scrutinize and judge humanity before making efforts to relieve human suffering?

Do they understand that it is more likely that the thousands who are suffering in poverty are lazy shiftless losers, than the remote possibility that the few hundred who live in lavish luxury are greedy exploiters of the globe in general and of humanity specifically?

Do they understand that industry and imperialism merely must be supported by foreign military endeavors, and that the cost of such is the reduction of unnecessary expenses such as education of the young and healthcare for the elderly and disabled?

Do they realize that even though our nation was founded by the brutal, deceptive, and exploitative efforts of undocumented foreigners, that illegal aliens merely must not be accepted into our society but must rather be relegated to the shadows and back alleys of our righteous society?

Do they not understand that even though sharing and caring is the way of kindergarten, that in the adult world such is a socialist plot to undermine and overthrow our very way of life?

Do they not understand how vitally important it is to blindly pledge allegiance to their society for no other reason than they were born on American soil?

Do they not realize that the attempted genocide of the Native Americans was a part of God’s plan for a righteous people much like the attempted genocide of the Canaanites was a part of God’s plan for the Israelites?

Do they not further understand that any seemingly brutal practices of the American military such as waterboarding and torturing individuals or drone strikes that kill civilians are justified because God is on our side?

Finally, and perhaps this is most important:

Do the young people of today not understand how vitally important it is for them to overcome the idealism of their youth as soon as possible so they can become the self serving exploiters of tomorrow?

Listen up young people!:

It is up to you to maintain the American way of life!!!


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