There Are No Guarantees

It seems to me that life is “probabilities with no guarantees”.

In an indifferent universe, there simply are no guarantees.  The cosmos does not care one way or the other about my well being, peace, or security.  There is no evidence of gods or guardian angels watching over me.  On the other hand, there is no evidence of demons or gremlins out to get me.  Life simply is what it is, and that would seem to be:  “probabilities with no guarantees”.

Life is not fair.  Then again, life is not unfair.  Life is simply random events in an indifferent universe.  Seemingly wise decisions may affect my well being, yet there are no guarantees.  For example, the person who never drives and simply walks may seem to be less likely to die in a car wreck.  Yet the safe pedestrian could be run over by an erring driver.  The person who never flies and simply drives may seem to be less likely to die in a plane crash, yet a plane could crash into a busy highway and kill drivers unawares.  There simply are no guarantees.

Wise decisions may yield positive results.  Yet there are no guarantees in life.  There are smokers who live to a ripe old age and die “natural deaths”, then again there are non-smokers who die prematurely of lung cancer.  There simply are no guarantees.

I figure the wisest personal policy is to make the wisest choices possible based upon reasonable probabilities, and to accept the chips that fall where they may.

Or so it seems to me.

1 thought on “There Are No Guarantees

  1. I deem the Universe to be an intelligent design, but you are quite right nevertheless…..there are no special privileges for virtue or for belief or for prayer…..individual human beings have to fend for themselves in a probabilistic world,… but there sure IS the possibility of brotherhood among all people because we are all in this together, pushed into existence without our consent…..that is the reality perceivable to me !

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