On Chaos and Commandments

The theory was presented to me recently by a very good friend that if there is no “objective” standard of “right and wrong”, then everyone can do just whatever they want to, and then that would lead to chaos.  The example was further presented to me that under such circumstances there would be nothing to prevent a person from murdering another if they wanted to commit the deed.

Indeed, it is the case that everyone can do whatever they want to (so long as they are willing to deal with the consequences), but as to whether that reality leads to chaos is up to the individuals of any given setting.  Furthermore, it is the case that in spite of the fact that there is an objective standard (the Law) against murder in every city in the US, nonetheless murders do all too oftentimes occur in those very locales. Thus, an “objective” standard to regulate a deed is not necessarily sufficient to deter the deed.  

It seems to me that only an individual can sufficiently regulate one’s actions.  There can be chaos with commandments (and such is oftentimes the case), then again there can be harmony among heathens like me who see no reason to unnecessarily harm another.  

Ultimately, chaos or peace is up to the individual.  Or so it seems to this individual.

2 thoughts on “On Chaos and Commandments

  1. And add to that one thing – their ‘objective’ standard is a chimera.

    The objective standard does not pass any test of objective inquiry. The law to which they refer was not original, but recycled. It was not unique, as the same laws have been arrived at by quite other ‘divine revelations’ elsewhere. It is not objective in its own terms, as they believers in it have long disagreed about nearly all of its parts.

    If we must have an objective and divinely revealed standard, then we’re really in a fix, cause we don’t have one.

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