Thoughts on This Thing Called Life

The reports of inherent meaning and intentional purpose to our existence have been highly exaggerated.  We have been misinformed as to the source of our being, and we are all too often conditioned to attach superstitious meaning to natural developments.  Surely so long as we remain under such a delusion we are likely to approach death with a degree of uncertainty and apprehension.

I offer alternative thinking to the prevailing theories of this thing called life:

I suggest that there is no inherent meaning to life, as there is no evidence of a grand scheme, nor of a grand schemer.

I suggest that our existence is due to the natural developments of natural developments.

I suggest that the universe is impersonal and therefore indifferent to the well being of anyone.

I suggest that the natural course of all living sentient beings is to be born, to live, and to die.

I suggest that the pursuit of our best interests is the natural instinct of all sentient beings.

I suggest that all are free to choose their every course of action, but all choices are limited by context of opportunity or the lack thereof; and furthermore each and every choice one makes has naturally developed and seemingly attached consequences.

I suggest that life may be experienced, enjoyed,  and embraced with an enthusiasm which is natural to the human condition, or it may be spent in an indecisive state of fear, worry, and depressive misery.

I suggest that an understanding of the reality of the natural course of events is actually quite liberating and encouraging.  Especially in the light of a death which is inevitable and unavoidable.

Such as they are, these are my thoughts on the matter of this thing called life.

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