On Natural Intelligent Life Forms

The highest form of natural intelligence known to the human being is the human being.

Yet, just how limited is our knowledge as to natural life elsewhere?  How can we even assess the limits of our own knowledge of all that is?

Perhaps human beings are the pinnacle of natural intelligence.



Guest Editorial: Book of Cami 2:15-29

(NOTE:  The following is an editorial from the mind and the pen of my oldest son Micah.  Proud to Re-Post!!  Davey Lee):
And so, after creating the infants, I placed them in a pretty sweet pad: The House of Eden. And in the house I did place a multitude of toys, and sockets flowing with live electrical current, for I knew the infants would be into that sort of thing. And for the infants’ protection, I did place in the sockets socket covers, so that the infants wouldst not jam their tiny philanges into the live electrical current. I placed these in all of the sockets save for one, The Socket of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But it was totally okay, for I warned the infants (who had no concept of what was good for them), “Listen up, babies! Thou mayest play with any of the toys in this house, but playest thou not with the Socket of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is this socket RIGHT HERE.” I did point to the socket to illustrate its location. “For in the day thou stickest thine fingers in it, thou shalt surely die. And just to be clear, by ‘Thou shalt die,’ I mean, ‘Thee and all of thine descendants in subsequent generations after thee shall suffer eternally in a pit of unspeakable torment, full of fire and brimstone, wherein there shall be much wailing and gnashing of gums, unless of course I can hatch a long-winded and inefficient plan to save perhaps a few of you fortunate enough to choose correctly from a plethora of religions and denominations. And all of this shall come to pass not because you have broken anything I can’t easily fix, for as the Master Of The Universe I can fix pretty much anything, but because I shall be royally pissed at you, in Mine Infinite Mercy.” And in their beady little eyes and slack-jawed drooling expressions I saw that they understood. “One other thing,” said I, “Whilst we’re on the topic of of things you shouldn’t be sticking in other things, rememberest thee that I made thee Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. So, y’know, don’t be gay, for it grosseth me out. Okay babies, I wouldst love to stay and chat, but I have Heavenly Things to attend to, so I must now physically transport Mine Omnipresent Self to a different physical location, leaving thee to thine own devices for an unspecified amount of time. Fare thee well, babies! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” And as I rocketed off toward Mine Magical Kingdom in the stratosphere on Mine Turbo-Powered Cloud Motorcycle, jamming Rich Mullins’s “(My God Is An) Awesome God,” of which I totally manifested for Mineself a pre-release copy, I thought to Mineself, “Hmm… Mayhap I should have warned them about the talking snake I left in the den… Nah, I don’t make mistakes. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”Book of Çami 2:15-29

Made in the Image of the Creator

I have thought much as of late as to the nature of the biblical character Jehovah.  It seems so ironic that we are asserted to have been created in his image, and somewhat of a paradox that such is generally assumed to be a good thing.  There are clearly traits and tendencies which are common to both the children of humanity in general, as well as to he who so many adoringly refer to as “our Heavenly Father”.  As to whether such similarities are “good” is a matter of debate and personal tastes I suppose.

The history of humanity and the chronicles of the alleged deeds of the alleged deity known as Jehovah are too seemingly similar to regard such as mere coincidence.  For example, consider the exercise of barbaric conquests and systematic plundering in search of resources and profitable empire common to both human history and the chronicles of biblical record.  Furthermore, the disregard for human life in such quests for power and domination is clearly common to humanity and the alleged deity alike.  Sadly enough, the barbaric murder of women and children are the ways of plunder and conquest of mortal empires, as they were likewise the means of Jehovah to ensure that his beloved Israelites took what once belonged to others but which he regarded as rightfully theirs.

Indeed, the coveting of the resources of others for the purposes of exploitation to the ends of power and profit are the trademark methods of humanity and the alleged deity alike.  And each are recorded to have been vicious enough to brutalize and plunder as a means sufficient to establish such ends.

And so I suppose that the one is indeed the creator of the other, and that the other must have been made in the image of the creator.

But which is which?

On ABORTION: (Commentary by God and Jesus)

We know where the “Christian Right” stands on the issue of Abortion.  We know where the “Heathen Left” stands on the issue of Abortion.

Where does the biblical character Jehovah stand on the issue of Abortion?

Where does the biblical character Jesus stand on the issue of Abortion?

As to the position of the biblical character Jehovah on the issue of Abortion, I offer the following text from the Old Testament:

Give them, O Lord—

What will You give?

Give them a miscarrying womb

And dry breasts!

“All their wickedness is in Gilgal,

For there I hated them.

Because of the evil of their deeds

I will drive them from My house;

I will love them no more.

All their princes are rebellious.

Ephraim is stricken,

Their root is dried up;

They shall bear no fruit.

Yes, were they to bear children,

I would kill the darlings of their womb.”

My God will cast them away,

Because they did not obey Him;

And they shall be wanderers among the nations.

(Hosea 9:14-17)


1.  As to “Give them a miscarrying womb” (v 14):

Hosea clearly implores God to abort the fetuses of the women of Ephraim.

2.  God seems willing enough:

“were they to bear children,

I would kill the darlings of their womb.” (v 16)

Is there any question now as to where the Biblical character Jehovah stood on the position of Abortion? (or Infanticide for the matter).  Apparently, his position as to the issue of Abortion depended upon whether the fetus so involved was to be born of a woman that Jehovah loved, which of course depended upon whether she was obedient to him (review the text above and note the highlighted texts).

As to the position of the biblical character Jesus on the issue of Abortion, I offer his memorial commentary on the subject (printed in Red Letter for your reading convenience):


1.  Oh wait.  Jesus did not make any memorial commentary as to the issue of Abortion.

2.  Apparently, the practice of Abortion (which did take place during his day) was not an issue to Jesus.  Leastways, not an issue worthy of commentary.


Apparently Jehovah was Pro-Choice, so long as he made the choice.

As to Jesus, for some reason (in spite of the fact that there were abortions during his day), he was “mum” as to the subject (perhaps an example for the male who would “follow in his footsteps”?

On Fears and Concerns

Born into a world with no opportunity to give our consent.  From the outset well meaning people condition us as to how to think, how to act, how to feel, and how to react.

All with the well meaning intent to prepare us for life, and oftentimes for an “after life”.

When we sift through the information which is our life (within the specific context of our own existence)


When we discard preconceptions (to the best of our ability).

When we reflect without reserved ideology (to the best of our ability)

When we reduce our perspective to the observable and the believable (based upon our limited knowledge of the vastness of all that is)

Then what remains?

Life with no apparent inherent meaning in a Universe indifferent to our well being?  So it would seem.

The history of humanity is filled with efforts to create an inherent meaning to it all by creating concepts of schemers implementing divine schemes.

Yet no such ideology has rational merit, nor can the concept of the divine offer reasonable explanation as to the brutal reality of an indifferent Universe.

And so there remains an obvious conclusion based upon the limits of the observable:

Life seems to be an experience of existence with no apparent meaning within a Universe which is indifferent to our well being.

And so what of it?  Shall we plunge ourselves into mental despair merely because the illusions of our preconceptions prove vulnerable to the tests of reason?  Must there be an inherent meaning in order for life to be an enjoyable experience?  Must the tree have a reason for being in order to flourish in its place?  Does the duck preoccupy itself with concerns of an afterlife as it swims across the pond?  Shall we not merely live for no other reason than we are alive?  Shall we not rather accept our existence based upon the mere fact that we are?

My general thoughts in closing:

There is no plan, so there is no need to study.

There is no destiny, so no there is no need to prepare.

There is no hope, so there are no unrealistic expectations.

There are no fears of an eternal reckoning, neither for ourselves or for our loved ones; so there is no need to be preoccupied with such.


There is life.

There is death.

Life is abundant with daily apprehensions, both for ourselves and for our loved ones, without compounding such with concerns which are neither real nor practical.

Or so it seems to me.

On Deeds and Deities

When one does “wrong”; does it then follow that “the devil made ‘em do it”?

When one does a good deed for another who is in need does it then follow that “God is good”?

Could it not be that when one does “wrong”, they did so because they just chose to do the deed; whatever the deed may have been?

Could it not be that when one does a good deed for another who is in need that they simply chose to be nice, and thus they did the good deed; whatever the deed may have been?

Are we so dependent upon the concept of deities, that our every action must be assessed by the alleged influence of such?

Is it the case that there is a Devil who is bad; and a God who is good; or is it not rather the case that we simply have the free choice to do as we damn well please (and most oftentimes do) whether such be “wrong” or “right”?

Am I overstating the obvious; or is the obvious merely obscured by preconceptions and indoctrination?

Am I right? Or am I wrong?

Or am I merely under the influence of a deity?

On Values and Vices

I grew up in a good Southern Christian home.  I was taught many things.  I was taught to pray at night and before I eat.  I was taught to say “yes ma’am” and “yes sir”.  I was taught to open the door for a  lady.  I was taught not to curse.  I was taught not to drink alcohol.  I was taught many things.

For many years I prayed over food.  For many years I prayed at night.  For many years I opened the door for a lady.  For many years I did not curse (within ear shot of my Mother).  For many years I did not drink alcohol (for the most part).

Now I never pray over food.  I never pray at night.  I simply never pray.

I still open the door for a lady.

Now you might ask why I still open the door for a lady although I no longer pray?  Because opening the door for a lady seems like the right thing to do; and I do as I damn well please (oops; guess I let the cat out of the bag as to where I stand as to profanity these days!!)

My point is this:

Among the Christian & Southern values on which I was raised; there are those that I reject, and then again there are those that I still practice.  But those practices which I do these days are not because of “my raising” or because of some belief in a deity who just might be watching.  I merely do as I damn well please, and by the way so does everyone else.  Some are pleased to continue to live by the values of their raising; others do not.

As for me, I choose to live by my own values.  Some of those values happen to be consistent with those of my good Southern Christian raising.  Others are not.  But my values are my values, and my choices are my choices.  And the consequences of my decisions are the consequences of my decisions.

For example, I drink, but I do not get drunk.  I do not refrain from allowing myself to get drunk because “I was raised better” or because “the Bible says it is a sin to get drunk”.  Frankly, my reasoning is much more sensible than all that.  I refrain from getting drunk because I do not like headaches or nausea.  Its as simple as that.

Now if by some chance I do get drunk, and spend all night throwing up, and wake up with an awful headache; have I sinned against my good Southern Christian raising?  Hell no!  I simply afflicted myself with pains and discomforts that I don’t like, and that is as far as the consequences go with regards to the matter.

Every person has to choose for themselves how to live.  Its as simple as that.

And as good ole Kurt Vonnegut was moved to say:

“And so it goes”…..

Thoughts on War

Some folk assess the topic of War based upon whether it’s their party of choice whose turn it is to start a war; or whether it’s the other party’s turn to keep our practice of empirical world domination in full force with yet another war.  (It’s amazing how Republican war hawks evolve into doves and how normally peace loving Democrats suddenly see justification for war now that it’s Obama and company who are beating the drums of war.)

War is war.

It involves the killing of the innocents and the enrichment of the opportunistic.

I tend to doubt whether a mother of sons who lives in a war zone (something we Americans have generally not known about with 2 significant exceptions since we tried to wipe each other off the map back in the 1860’s) would be seen beating the drums of war; and I likewise tend to doubt whether an Executive for Haliburton or Lockheed Martin would be seen protesting war.

Those who suffer from war, and those who profit from the same will likely assess the subject the same regardless of which political party’s turn it is to start yet another war.

And the beat goes on….

Blame it on Eve

According to the Bible, God created EVERYTHING.

And it says he made everything good (numerous verses, Genesis 1).

And so the Bible says that God made EVERYTHING, and that he made everything good.

Then things got out of control.  Naturally it was not God’s fault.  Or was it?…..:

It all started with Eve and ole what’s his name in the Garden of Eden.  Life was pure bliss for the original dynamic due, until that fateful day when Eve performed a deed so heinous, so rebellious, so evil….. that such a very deed changed the entire course of all human history.  After Eve performed her deed of rebellious iniquity, everything bad from a woman’s period to mass murder can be blamed on Eve (AKA:  The mother of all human madness!!).

How was God to know the evil that lay in her wicked sinful mind?  (No wait, he WAS supposed to know the evil that lay in her wicked sinful mind.  He is God, and God knows everything; right?).

Anyway, regardless of God’s knowledge of the evil that lay in Eve’s wicked sinful mind, surely we don’t think he was able to do anything to stop her from performing her heinous evil wickedness, do we? (No wait, he COULD have stopped her couldn’t he?  After all, he is God, and God can do anything; right?  Now that I think on it, why did God not just send a donkey to reason with Eve the way Balaam’s donkey reasoned with Balaam when he was on his way to do his wickedness? (Numbers 22:22-33).

In fact, if only  God would have thought of sending a talking donkey to reason with Eve instead of sending a talking serpent to tempt her to perform her deed which was so heinous, so evil, so reprehensible that such a very deed literally changed the entire course of human history, then surely things  would not have turned out the way they did……

Well, regardless of the fact that an all knowing God should have known what was going to happen, and regardless of the fact that an all loving and an all powerful God would have and could have prevented the horrendous deed of erring Eve; her disastrous deed was nonetheless done.

That said, I can no longer hold you in suspense as to the heinous, evil, reprehensible deed that evil Eve performed that literally changed the course of human history:

She ate a piece of fruit….

From the wrong tree……

Ok, ok, I don’t see the significance either, but damnit man, its in the Bible!!

Yes, yes, I realize that:

“God is great

God is good,

Prevent this deed,

He damn well could”

But he DID NOT prevent this horrible heinousness, this evil evilness, this reprehensible reprehensibleness; IN SPITE OF THE FACT that he could have, and that is simply that!!

A real bummer too, because I would have enjoyed walking around naked all day with a woman at my side, nibbling fruit, tending to a garden, and conversing with snakes, but NOOOO!!!  Instead, I have bills to pay by the sweat of my brow and women have PMS, and there is soon to be war in Syria and ya da ya da ya da…. and all because that rebellious lady Eve just HAD to have that one lousy piece of fruit.

Obviously, once Eve ate that fruit in all her sensuous selfishness, it all went downhill from there.  Her heinous deed of evilness revealed the character flaw in humanity that God in all his Greatness overlooked while he was “thus saying this” and “thus saying that” during his one week’s worth of honest work as recorded in Genesis 1.  Indeed, Eve’s decision to eat that fruit revealed that humankind is an independent lot and that we have minds of our own and that we tend to do as we damn well please.

Well now, in the world of divine deityness such disrespectful independence simply will not do!

And so due to this horrendous deed of rebellious independence which altered the course of human history, God has spent the rest of his loving merciful time since then scheming a divine plan to redeem his lost loyal subjects from the influence of that damned ole devil.

In fact, when humankind got so bad that the thoughts of their heart was only evil (see what picking your own fruit to eat leads to Eve!), then God in an act of merciful loving kindness drowned all the innocent babies in the world in his infamous worldwide flood (Genesis 6-8).

Later, Jehovah exercised even more of his merciful loving kindness by endorsing the mutilation of men, women, and children alike while his preferred clan of humanity (the Israelites) were in the process of taking land away from the rightful owners (those dastardly sinners the Canaanites).

And of course, how could any story of merciful loving kindness be complete without the epoch killing of one’s own son as a sign of your merciful loving kindness en route to trying to persuade would be conditioned minions to acknowledge you as “The Almighty Heavenly Father” (Now there is a deity I would want to call “Dad”; because anyone willing to kill his own son on my behalf is definitely a Father to trust and adore).

Ultimately, in an act of merciful loving kindness for the ages god made hell to eternally torture those of us who don’t love him as much as he loves us.

There you have it folks:  God in his merciful loving kindness drowned innocent babies, endorsed the mutilation of men, women (some pregnant; Hosea 13:16), and children, killed his own son, and has provided a means to eternally torture those of us who fail to reciprocate his love.

And who is to blame for God being forced to impose his merciful loving kindness in such extreme measures?  Who else?  Ole what’s his name in the Garden of Eden knew who to blame:

Blame it on Eve.