Thoughts on War

Some folk assess the topic of War based upon whether it’s their party of choice whose turn it is to start a war; or whether it’s the other party’s turn to keep our practice of empirical world domination in full force with yet another war.  (It’s amazing how Republican war hawks evolve into doves and how normally peace loving Democrats suddenly see justification for war now that it’s Obama and company who are beating the drums of war.)

War is war.

It involves the killing of the innocents and the enrichment of the opportunistic.

I tend to doubt whether a mother of sons who lives in a war zone (something we Americans have generally not known about with 2 significant exceptions since we tried to wipe each other off the map back in the 1860’s) would be seen beating the drums of war; and I likewise tend to doubt whether an Executive for Haliburton or Lockheed Martin would be seen protesting war.

Those who suffer from war, and those who profit from the same will likely assess the subject the same regardless of which political party’s turn it is to start yet another war.

And the beat goes on….


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