Made in the Image of the Creator

I have thought much as of late as to the nature of the biblical character Jehovah.  It seems so ironic that we are asserted to have been created in his image, and somewhat of a paradox that such is generally assumed to be a good thing.  There are clearly traits and tendencies which are common to both the children of humanity in general, as well as to he who so many adoringly refer to as “our Heavenly Father”.  As to whether such similarities are “good” is a matter of debate and personal tastes I suppose.

The history of humanity and the chronicles of the alleged deeds of the alleged deity known as Jehovah are too seemingly similar to regard such as mere coincidence.  For example, consider the exercise of barbaric conquests and systematic plundering in search of resources and profitable empire common to both human history and the chronicles of biblical record.  Furthermore, the disregard for human life in such quests for power and domination is clearly common to humanity and the alleged deity alike.  Sadly enough, the barbaric murder of women and children are the ways of plunder and conquest of mortal empires, as they were likewise the means of Jehovah to ensure that his beloved Israelites took what once belonged to others but which he regarded as rightfully theirs.

Indeed, the coveting of the resources of others for the purposes of exploitation to the ends of power and profit are the trademark methods of humanity and the alleged deity alike.  And each are recorded to have been vicious enough to brutalize and plunder as a means sufficient to establish such ends.

And so I suppose that the one is indeed the creator of the other, and that the other must have been made in the image of the creator.

But which is which?


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