The Family Home: A Communist Plot Exposed!!

Beware America!  Beware!!
In perhaps the most shocking of all sinister Socialist  plots, it has come to our attention that the most sacred of all American institutions; the traditional, conventional family, is in fact a Communist plot to undermind our superior way of life!!
Shocking but true, people.  Shocking, but true….
It has come to our attention people, that families actually SHARE their resources!  Its true!!
Worse yet, most families actually provide healthcare for EVERY member of the family!!
(If providing Healthcare for everyone is not Socialism people, then what is??)
In another blatant attempt to undermind the free world, families actually expect more from the older siblings in the way of chores and responsibility than they do from the younger children.
People, this is MARXISM!!
Indeed, was it not Karl Marx who said:
“To each according to his need,
From each according to his ability”
People, do you not see? People, connect the dots!!
Families SHARE with even the most non-productive members of their society!! 
Families EXPECT more from the capable, than they do from the weaker members!!
People, this is MARXISM!!
America, are we going to stand for this?  Are we going to stand idly by and watch our very way of life be overthrown by such Leftist tactics?  And in our OWN HOMES no less??
People, its not too late!!  You too, can do your part to salvage our superior way of life before Leftist loonies socialize our entire country; neighborhood by neighborhood; and HOME by HOME!!
Start TODAY people! Start today to protect our superior way of life!!
Start today to teach your children good, wholesome American values by demanding that your children fight over the last cookie on the plate.  Hell, have your children fight over the ENTIRE plate of cookies.  So what if the oldest gets the whole plate of cookies, and your second oldest is left with crumbs and a black eye.  Privileges are to be earned, and desert is by NO means a handout program.  Besides, children need to learn early that the toughest and the most sinister are those who deserve the goods.  And they deserve the goods because they have the ambition and the wherewithal to TAKE the goods!! (Is there any more American principle to be cherished??)
As for the younger child who gets his butt kicked by the older brother, at least he will have learned the values of the American way of life, AND he will have learned some moves to utilize on his baby sister when she’s old enough to fight him over a plate of cookies.
Furthermore, make certain that the younger brother pays for the bandages and Peroxide that are used to patch him up after getting his butt kicked, and make him either pay to clean the bloodstains out of the carpet, or better yet have him clean up the carpet stains himself.  And above all else, if he does not have any money in his Piggy Bank, then do not help bandage him up.  He will just to figure out how to deal with that bloody nose and busted lip the best way he can, because Healthcare is a privilege to be paid for, and it is most certainly not an inherent human right.
People, I cannot overemphasize just how critical this situation is 
The lessons of life begin at home people, and there is no time like the present to teach our children the wholesome values that have made this country the greatest country in the world.  Start now to preserve our way of life lest the day come when we are just like most other developed countries who provide healthcare and education for everyone.  We must withold such privileges and preserve these benefits for those who can afford to pay their own way. 
The alternative is scary people.  Is this the society you want for your children:
“To each according to his need.
From each according to his ability”
Or do you want to preserve the wholesome values of competitive Capitalism, which may leave the children of the poor hungry, unhealthy, and uneducated, but at least such sacred values have made this the greatest country in the world!!
The decision is yours, but delay not to act people!
Beware America!  Beware!!

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