That Was Then, But This Is Now

(Disclaimer:  Socially irreverent  thoughts.  You have been warned.  Proceed at your own philosophical peril.)

All my life I have heard about the “founding fathers”.

Who the hell were they anyway?  What characterized a person who was alive then as being a “founding father”?  What criteria distinguished a “founding father” in those days from a “non-founding father”?  And what about the “founding mothers”?  Are there no “founding mothers”?

And who gives a damn about the social theories of people who lived some 200 years ago?  How do their lives relate to us now?  The fact is that those people, whoever the hell they were, are now dead and gone.  Nothing we do affects them, nor vice versa.

They did what they thought was best for them when they were alive, it is we who are alive now who must think for ourselves.

Are we so  helpless that we can no longer think for ourselves?  Must we consult the writings of exclusively white male organizers who have been dead for almost 200 years in order to know how a society should exist?

And lest we fall all over ourselves genuflexing and  worshiping the almighty memory of this exclusive club for their foundational foresight, let us remind ourselves that they were either bigoted sexists or they were victims of their own social ignorance.

The fact is that our “founding fathers” gave neither those of a different gender nor skin tone a voice in the proceedings and there is no reason to believe that they would move to do so now were they alive in our era.

If social ignorance is a defense for those who founded a nation based upon the right to capture and enslave Africans; conquer and displace the Native Americans; and to subjugate and oppress women; then I rest my case on that very defense.

Why the hell should we who are alive today give a damn what the “founding fathers” would think about decisions we make today, in the light of the decisions they made then?

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