Ah, For The Good Old Days!

Ah, for the good old days.

Oh for a return to our glorious past, when religion ruled reason, when men ruled women, and when Europeans were the illegal aliens…

Whatever happened to the good old days?

Oh, but that we could return to the  Garden of Eden before contemporary sinners bit the apple…..

Shall we go back a mere 30 years, when corporate CEO’s only made 40 times the wages of their average laborer, instead of the contemporary rate of 400 times?

Shall we go back a mere 60 years to the golden era of the 1950’s, when the upper class income level paid a 90 % tax rate, and middle class whites were homeowners who could afford to have stay at home mothers and still set aside a reasonable amount for college funds and retirement?

Or shall we rewind the clock that same 60 years to that same golden era of the 1950’s, when African Americans were still riding the back of the bus and utilizing separate bathroom and water fountain facilities?

Or perhaps we could venture back 10 years prior to that, to those wonderfully patriotic years of the 1940’s, when  African Americans were called upon to lay down their lives on the battlefield in order to insure the freedom and liberty of that very culture which was still sending their relatives back home to the back of the bus, all the while  still shamelessly forcing their loved ones to use separate bathrooms and water fountains?

Or how about remaining in that same golden decade of the 1940’s when oriental Americans were herded  into concentration camps because their eyes were a little too slanted and their skin just a little too yellow to assume they were not a threat to national security?

Ah, and how about those Roaring ‘20s!  Why, it was less than 90 years ago that Native Americans were still not allowed to vote!  Now those were the days!

And a mere few years before that when women knew that their place was at home instead of at the voting booth.

And a mere 20 years before the Woman’s Suffrage movement pushed through the right for women to vote, there was the good old days which opened the 20th Century with poor women taking their rightful place for a 15 hour work shifts in the textile mills and the mines… along with their 10-15 years old children,  who represented hundreds of thousands of the US workforce in 1900.

And how about the good old days of a mere 150 years ago, when slave labor was utilized to build a Federal Building in Washington DC… even as the the USA was waging a war which was allegedly for the purposes of ending slavery.

Or how about the good old days before their were Wicca websites, back when folks knew how to deal with weirdos like that.  Just consider the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690’s.

And at least in the good old days folks were still open minded when it came to matters of science.

For example,  in 1615 folks were still considering the notion that the earth is round instead of being flat as merely a theory instead of dogmatically claiming it as a fact.

And back in the good old days young folks thought twice about leaving the church, because in the good old days of the 16th Century christians who left the fold were tortured into returning to the fold of the loving and merciful church.

And of course who can ever forget the crusades of a mere 1,000 years ago when Jews and Muslims alike were persecuted into professing Christianity (it was for their own good, don’t you know?).

Ah, for the good old days.

Tsk.  Tsk.  What is this world coming to??

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