I am tired of being called a tree huggin’ Atheist (though I am both); so I do hereby profess a new religion:

I am a “TREE-IST”.

This new religion is based upon the following:

1.  There is natural, scientific evidence for the existence of the tree.

2.  There is no debate as to either the existence or the parentage of the tree.

3.  The tree never inflicted suffering on anyone.

4.  The tree never demanded that anyone inflict suffering on anyone.

5.  Although the tree has BARK, it has no DOGma…. (I admit, that was limb, I mean lame!)


All I ask as a TREE-IST is for a reasonable degree of religious tolerance:

You don’t cut down my tree,

And I won’t cut down your god!!

Davey Lee

A proud “TREE-IST”.

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