What Burns Me Up About Hell

Let me tell you what burns me up about the hell thing.

First off, how can I be eternally accountable when I never even asked to be existentially present in the first place?

Secondly, if God knows so much, then is it not safe to assume that he knew about the hell thing before he created the world and all us earthlings?

So then, would not God be accountable for the hell thing in the first place?

Just saying.

5 thoughts on “What Burns Me Up About Hell

    • Ah, indeed I do have a free will.

      Free to think.
      Free to reason.
      Free to critique.

      And what of this creature called God?

      Does he not have a free will?
      And did he not exercise his free will by making humanity?
      And did he not know “ahead of time” the outcome.

      Hence, the free will of God: Allow suffering of all sorts, even though he could have prevented it all by merely exercising his free will by NOT creating us in the first place.

      That is if you believe in God.

      (The preceding remarks were exercise by the free will of Dave. I furthermore exercise my free will by thanking you for your comments and wishing you a good day Professor!)

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