The Epitome of Arrogance and the Absurd

It seems absurd to me to assume that we of the human condition are somehow different than any other sentient being in terms of our finite nature.

Only in terms of a degree of intelligence can I perceive a difference between myself and a dog, or a horse, or a pig.

To assume a distinct beingness to our beingness, which allegedly surpasses this realm of existence seems to me the epitome of arrogance and the absurd.

Does not our very being cry out with evidence that we are but natural beings?

Do we not digest, respirate, recirculate, and excrete as a way and means of survival, as other sentient beings of the animal community?

How then does our superior knowledge to the dog imply somehow an eternal being within; anymore than the superior knowledge of the dog would to that of the earthworm?

The arrogance of it all.

The absurdity of it all.

We of the human condition are the imaginative and the creative of the species.

In this regard we of all species can be and all too oftentimes are the most self delusional.

And in our delusions we all too oftentimes live in denial of the obvious:

That we are but finite beings whose end will be decay and death of some sort or another.

Just like any other sentient being known to humanity.

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