A Sinner’s Story (short version that is)

Periodically when people find out that I used to be a Christian, I am asked:

“Dave, how could you do it?  How could you give up your faith?”

And indeed, such is a reasonable inquiry.  For the fact is that conventional wisdom here in the Bible Belt (North Central Texas) would certainly not counsel one to deny one’s familial faith or the creed of one’s church.  Such is simply not  done “in these here parts”.

In my defense though, there is a story behind my change of philosophy.  Today I offer you the abbreviated version of why I am no longer a Christian.  In essence, this is:

A Sinner’s Story (short version)

It all began one day as I was reading my Bible, perusing the pages of holy script and pondering the heroes of the ancient past.

Heroes like:

1.  God; who drowned babies and animals alike when the adults of a specific generation were not living the way he wanted them to live.   (Genesis 6-8)  Point of detail:  These adults were the product of his creation.  Just sayin’….

2. And “Righteous” Lot; (2 Peter 2:7-8); who offered his two daughters to be gang raped in order to protect two perfect strangers (of course they were males) whom he was lodging. (Genesis 19).  Now in Lot’s defense, at least he never did anything really bad like his wife; old “what’s her name” (Luke 17:32)  who actually did the unthinkable:  She looked back!!! Of course God (see Bible Hero #1 above) taught her!  He killed her right there on the spot.  Turned her into a pillar of salt, he did!!

3.  Then there is Moses; who got highly agitated at the Israeli soldiers for sparing the Midianite women when God’s army was in the process of executing his judgment upon the Midianite people.  So, good ole Moses set the Israeli soldiers straight:  He told them to kill all the Midianite male children and women; EXCEPT FOR the virgins!  The virgins were a “booty prize”:  The Israeli soldiers got to keep them for themselves! (AFTER killing all the male children and “experienced” women first; “business before pleasure”; Numbers 31:17-18)

4.  And of course, who could forget Joshua;  who after the walls of Jericho fell, lead the Israelis on a rampage that involved utterly destroying men, women, and children with the edge of the sword.  Oh, I almost forgot, they also slaughtered the animals as well.  (Joshua 6:21).

So anyway, as I am reading the Bible and contemplating the heroes of the Bible, it occurred to me:

If Biblical heroes were baby killers and animal abusers, who discarded and acquired women as mere sex objects, then how could I do any worse as a bleedin’ heart, peace lovin’, tree huggin’ Atheist?

So that is exactly what I became.

END OF STORY (short version that is)


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