We Are Our Own Salvation

The older I get, the more intrigued I am by our Universe.  And I suppose that which intrigues me most of all is that the Universe is everywhere.  The Universe is literally:  EVERYWHERE!!

I am furthermore humbled by our lack of knowledge regarding the Universe.  I realize that humanity has made great strides towards learning what is “out there”, but the simple fact is that we do not have a clue as to the extent of that of which we remain ignorant regarding the Universe.

We simply have no clue how little we know because we just do not know  how much there is which is either yet undiscovered or forever not to be discovered.  Fascinating!

All we really know is that our Universe is ever expanding at a continuously accelerating rate.  Since it appears to be expanding in a curve, then one of two occurrences will inevitably end its existence as it is now:

1.  The Universe will expand to the extent that it rips apart, or

2.  The Universe will turn back in on its self, resulting in who knows what (another great expansion, thereby resulting in yet another Universe?  No one knows for certain)

Regardless, the Universe is on an unavoidable trek to an inevitable end, and no one can or ever will be able to do anything to prevent that reality.

Furthermore, I am but a seemingly immeasurable speck within this massive ever expanding mass known as the Universe.  I am nothing.  Well, not quite, but so close as to be nothing in terms of the measure of all things.  In the grand scope of all reality, I am simply an insignificant coincidence to an expansion which will either rip me apart or collapse upon me should I happen to be living when the great expansion comes to its inevitable end.

Frankly, the great expansion which is our Universe is completely indifferent to my well being.

That said, it occurs to me that we of humanity are the only known species in the entire Universe with our degree of concern for the well being of ourselves and sensitivity and compassion for others.  (Note, I make this statement within the context of an already admitted ignorance as to other species and/or other universes that may possibly exist… “out there”!  My statement is thus asserted strictly within the context of that aspect of the Universe that we are aware of)

This is not to say that other sentient beings are not concerned with their own well being.  Indeed all beings are.  And this is not to say that other sentient beings do not have an instinctive concern for the well being of other such beings, in particularly their own offspring.  (Indeed, a mama cow or a mama bear can teach us much about natural filial concern!!)

However, it does seemingly appear that we of humanity may have an even more so refined sense of compassion and concern for the welfare of other beings.  That being the case, then there is a natural responsibility to care the welfare of others, because if we don’t do it, it simply will not get done.

There is no evidence of any celestial mastermind either driving this expanse, or overseeing its day to day operation.  Hence, there is no mystical helper to take care of matters that we choose to just ignore.

So if we choose to implement social systems that leave people in the streets, homeless, hungry, and without healthcare, we need not expect some celestial savior to swoop down and make it all better.

And if we choose to poison our environment with fracking, or ignore the effects of climate change, we need not look for some divine intervention to make it all better.

We are on our own.

As scary as it may sound, we of humanity are our own salvation, or there simply is no salvation.

In the words of Vonnegut:

” we are here to help each other get through this thing, whatever it is”

I truly do not know whether helping each other through this unexplainable circumstance known as life is the purpose for existence, or whether there simply is no purpose for our existence.

All I know is that in the light of our existence within an ever expanding Universe which evidences itself day and in and day out to be completely indifferent to our well being one way or the other; we can choose to do whatever we can to save our planet and alleviate undue and unnecessary suffering in the process.

Or not.

Either way, the Universe continues to expand on the way to its inevitable end and leaves us to our own doings.

We are our own salvation.  Or there is no salvation.


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