The Soothing Effects of Propoganda

So the US Constitution was written by God?

Huh!  Who would’ve figured?

Anyway, that is not how I heard it.  I  heard that 55 of our nation’s leading  Aristocrats met behind closed doors for 6 months in Philadelphia, and secretly re-wrote the laws of the land.

AND, that when they came out from behind closed doors and announced a completely new set of laws for the nation to live by, that the very concept was met with defiance and opposition from a variety of quarters.

Anyway, they go on this campaign tour throughout the 13 states, and FINALLY after almost 2 years they get the minimum required 9 states to ratify; thereby passing the Constitution as the law of our land midst public outcry and with a split vote in support.

In fact, I heard that even when the US Constitution finally went into effect under such controversial circumstances that our new form of government was nicknamed “The Great Experiment”.

But you know, you can’t always believe what you have heard, now can you?

The historicity of such events is so open to interpretation, and its such a drag actually READING and RESEARCHING that stuff.

But now Tom DeLay actually simplifies the process, and most assuredly clarifies troubling details regarding our nation’s early history and embryonic development by simply saying telling us that the US Constitution was written by God!

Oh, I tell you.  I feel so much better knowing that.

I mean, doesn’t it make you just feel SO MUCH better about how our forefathers massacred and displaced the Native Americans, and about how we took the Southwest away from the Mexicans by military force knowing that God was behind it all?

Oh, that Manifest Destiny doctrine has surely eased a lot of troubled minds and curtailed a lot of unnecessary social guilt, hasn’t it?

And, isn’t it so much more soothing to know that when we were importing PEOPLE from Africa, and enslaving them against their will that the God written US Constitution gave us permission to do so!

And besides, let’s be realistic here.  How else would the Africans have ever made it to God’s country if we had not brought them here?  I mean, you might even say we were doing them a favor.

But most importantly, a GOD authorized favor!!

Don’t you see how much better Propaganda makes everything?  And you don’t have to get bogged down with all those tedious details of history when you simply listen to and trust in propaganda.

And so now instead of weighing out the merits and demerits of a constitutional government that originated with a secret aristocratic counsel that imposed their will upon an entire nation by mass marketing and prolonged propaganda, and whose original motto of “all men are created equal” actually meant “all 21 years old or older white land owning males” are created equal; we merely stand up during the 7th Inning of a major league and with a tear in our eye and proudly sing along with the person next to us who we don’t know from Adam: “God Bless America” and then everyone is just so happy, happy, happy!!!

Propaganda is simply too, too cool.

And so damn heartwarming!!!


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