The Modern Day American Hero

Happy Memorial Day people!!

A special shout out to the modern day American Hero:

The Retail Worker!!

You who sacrifice on behalf your society.

You who fight the temptation to stay at home with you family, but, nay, verily, in the true American spirit you “take one for the team’ as you selflessly set that alarm, get ready and go pull that Retail shift in hopes of SELLING some commodity and service on behalf of your Corporate CEO or business owner who is likely sleeping in so he/she can have plenty of rest for that family Bar BQ later today…

Ah, it brings a tear to my eye to think of the sacrifices being made by Retail Workers on this; a National Holiday.

Retail Worker:

YOU are the modern day hero.

It is YOU who make America great in this the 21st Century!!

For it is upon your shoulders and your service to your Company, that the American lifeline exists…

Because we ALL KNOW, that in America; its all about:


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