On Public Meetings and the Right to Pray

I offer this recommendation as to the proceedings of any community meeting (City Council, School Board, etc).

Let each meeting be opened with a prayer addressed to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ by a Christian Minister or a representative of the Christian community.

Followed by a prayer by a member of the Jewish community, addressed specifically to Jehovah.

Followed by a prayer to Allah by a member of the Muslim community.

Followed by a tossing of bones or the taunting of a political opponent with a gris gris by a member of the Voodoo community.

Followed by an oration by a member of the Asian community to their deity, accompanied by tossing salt in each corner of the room if necessary.

The Hindu and any Native American representatives should be permitted their moment of public prayer and/or meditation whichever the case may be.

A member of the Zen Buddhist should be allowed equal time to sit/meditate, with the burning of incense as desired.

And then the Satanists should be allowed to pray to Satan, any Pastafarians should be allowed to call upon His Noodleness for guidance from the holy buffet in the sky, and by all means the Bokonists should be allowed their time for public oration (No public rubbing of bare feet without a Permit,for there simply must be SOME sense of order!)

Of course, the Humanists should be allowed time to make their plea to the crowd, as the Humanist would seek only the guidance of clear minded humanity in search of communal good for the business at hand.

Speaking of the business at hand, once each group has been adequately represented by a public prayer and/or plea on behalf of their religious/social view, then FINALLY let the meeting be called to order and the business at hand be discussed, deliberated, and decided upon.

HOWEVER, time must be allowed at the end of the meeting for the Christian, the Jew, Muslim, the Voodoo-ite, the Asian, the Hindu, the Native American, the Zen Buddhist, the Satanist, the Pastafarian, the Bokonist, and even the Humanist to have the opportunity for a closing prayer/oration/meditation; whatever the case may be.

Now, I only offer this format as a suggestion.

Of course, there is an alternate thought:

Call the community meeting to order, discuss the agenda and do the bidding of the purpose of such a “meeting of the minds”, and when done, go home, all the while leaving prayers and religious practices for private homes and private meeting places where such belong.

Just a thought.

9 thoughts on “On Public Meetings and the Right to Pray

  1. Or each of these groups who felt compelled to pray could just meet together at someone’s house before the meeting.

    • A valid point and very well made.

      Herein lies the propoganda: The claim that ANYONE is being denied the right to pray by declining to allow such in a public venue.

      If a School Teacher, a Student, a City Councilperson, or ANYONE wants to pray, then do so. But not publicly in any public venue.

      The right to private religion is a right that most all of us want recognized.

      Just realize and recognize the distinction between the PRIVATE as contrasted to the PUBLIC venue.

      Thank you for reading, and thank you for your comment.


      • Greed. It’s a comment that can only be made by someone who is either:

        a) so sheltered and inexperienced of the world that they have no idea that such privileges can only be offered a dominant group. in this case they must also be both a little slow and fairly uneducated.


        B) Know full well how illogical the argument is, and simply be trying to dup those in group A into following their lead to gain power.

        Either way I would have thought more people would be embarrassed to be heard saying such things. Admittedly group A may genuinely be so ignorant as to not know any better, but it’s surprising to me that they don’t have enough better educated acquaintances to point out the issue. It seems unlikely those acquaintances are all in group B, so perhaps I’m missing a C.

      • I suppose judges may be a good group to consider here. Few supporters are going to fall into group A. Many will be in group B, pushing for their own group’s continued dominance. But a third group is going to be the self-servers who know how to move ahead or stay popular

      • Oops, that first response was supposed to say “Agreed”, not “Greed”.

    • They could pray at home before the meeting, at their desk, in the car, silently to themselves. There is absolutely no reason that religious people need to pray before meetings except to be giant pains in the behind.

  2. America was founded by Christians.

    It’s culture, morals, ethics descend from Christian Europe.

    So render unto the Arabs their iSLAM and render unto the Jews whatever they happen to be up to in this particular epoch.

    But leave the Christians alone and let them pray where ever they choose to pray. They’ve saved the world on multiple occasions so anyone with half a wit would treat them with grace and good manners.

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