On Fracking in Denton, Texas

The vote in November which may potentially ban Fracking in Denton, Texas interests me for a variety of reasons:

  1. I have two grown children who are Residents of Denton, and so it is possible that I may one day have Grandchildren who grow up in that fine community.
  1. I have grown to love the community of Denton over the past several years.  There is nothing more enjoyable to me than being on the Denton square on a Saturday afternoon/evening.  The atmosphere is so pleasant, and the people are a source of positive energy.  I truly dig the Denton scene!
  1. As a longtime resident of Grayson County, Texas; and in light of the fact that the Denton election could set a precedent for other Texas counties, then it seems to me that I do have a vested interest in how the democratic process plays out there next month.

And so with these thoughts in mind, I hope I am not too presumptuous to opine certain thoughts relative to the issue at hand.

Firstly, as to the potential effects of fracking in Denton:

The very act of flushing out potentially radioactive material which has been underground for millions of years and introducing these potentially toxic particles by bringing the fluid back to the surface can potentially lead to air pollution and contaminated water supply.

In addition, the fracturing of the earth itself, thereby opening unnatural veins without giving the soil time to shift and develop, may very well be the reason why there has been a shift in seismic activity resulting in an increase in earthquake activity in certain areas following fracking activity.

And so, at the very least, the potential effects of fracking includes:

  1. Air pollution and air borne toxic dust particles.
  2. Contaminated drinking water.
  3. Increased risk of earthquake activity.

Now, in the light of these potential environmental risks and health hazards, certain questions come to mind:

Would it be socially  responsible to  ignore the potential environmental and health hazards of fracking?

Or rather would eliminating the possibility of potential environmental risks and health hazards by banning fracking be a responsible decision?


Who stands to benefit from fracking in Denton?

Then again, who stands to be burdened with the effects of fracking in Denton?

And who leaves town with the profits from the fracking in Denton?

And again, then who is left to live with the potential environmental risks and health hazards of fracking in Denton?

And so I have to wonder:

Is the fear of litigation a sound basis for succumbling to the desires of those who would subject you and your children to the environmental risks and health hazards of fracking in Denton?

Or in fact, is the fear of potential environmental risks and health hazards for your and your children a sound basis for taking the precautionary steps against such by banning fracking in Denton?


In the light of the potential environmental risks and health hazards, is fracking in Denton really the  responsible thing to allow?

Or in the light of the potential environmental risks and health hazards is banning fracking in Denton actually the responsible thing to make happen?


Again, as an outsider it is not my place to presume to tell the good people of Denton what to do, nor do I have an actual vote in the matter.

But with all my sincerity, I believe that the good people of Denton would do themselves; their future generations; the entire State of Texas; and humanity at large a great social service by

VOTING FOR THE BAN; thereby maintaining a FRACK FREE DENTON!!

Thank you for your time,

Dave Henderson

Denison, Texas


3 thoughts on “On Fracking in Denton, Texas

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more Dave. I had an argument the other month with a friend who studied history and law, and he thinks fracking is a brilliant idea. What a clown, he was thinking more about MONEY rather than the earth. It’s a shame that the people who lived in texas before us european wankers came over, really appreciated the earth and respected it. my god, hasn’t it all changed eh.

    I hate the fact they are trying to pass laws in the UK where they can frack under our house without our consent…. Texas, is fucking huge… England.. isn’t. Our future would look like the start of the industrial revolution again with all the disease, unsafe water blahblahblah the rest.

    i don’t understand how some people can be so ignorant towards a major issue. It’s just desperation by the government and the oil companies.

    • Michael,

      I love your observations!!

      As you mentioned, those who advocate Fracking are thinking short term profits for a few, and are not considering the long term effects on the earth, animals, and THEMSELVES!! How can people be so short sighted!!

      Thanks again for the read, and your observations. The election in Denton is Nov 4, I will try to remember to let you know how it goes!!


      • Yes, please do. Good luck with it. Knowing modern politics and ‘democracy’ i’m not surprised if there’s a little corruption going on to get this in place. I reckon most of the public would vote against fracking, weather it’s Texas or Yorkshire.

        Good luck x

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