The Social Immorality of Our Obsessive Quest For Oil

Drilling for oil amounts to the rape of the earth in order to reap profits for an elite few. Insensitivity as to the harmful effects of our obsessive quest for fossil fuel is simply shameless.  At some point we simply must ask ourselves “should we” instead of being guided by the principle of “can we” with no consideration of the consequences for our actions.  The rape of the earth in order to reap profits for an elite few is simply shameful and socially sinful.

Consider the depths of the immoral means to which our society has stooped; all due to our obsessive quest for oil:

Our obsession with oil has seen our government illegally invade and occupy foreign lands.

Our obsession with oil has seen our government illegally overthrow other legally and democratically elected governments (see Iran, 1953)

Our obsession with oil has seen our government illegally endorse and engage in the torture of other persons.

Our obsession with oil has seen our government execute war against civilians, indiscriminately killing women, children, and the elderly in the process.

And for what?  To fuel our homes and our automobiles?  At what price in terms of social suffering?

We pollute and destroy.

We invade and we kill.

And for what?

The truth be told our obsessive quest for oil has lead us to rape the environment and pillage other societies so that an elite few who don’t give a rats ass about our convenience can reap the profits of our social sins.  In fact, our society’s obsessive quest for oil is about the acquisition of and the accumulation of wealth for the elite few who profit from the process.

Hence, so long as radio and television pundits propagandize on behalf of these shameless profiteers, then our general public will continue to buy into the blatant lie that there are no alternatives other than fossil fuels to serve as a  viable means to heat and cool our homes and fuel our vehicles.  Furthermore, so long as oil companies and corporations are allowed to have the same rights as natural persons, then they will simply continue to bribe the political system to execute their will so as to maintain the wars and pass the legislation conducive to keep our society hopelessly dependent upon further obsessive quests for fossil fuels, and so on and on our social immoralities shall continue.

Meanwhile, countries with less means at their disposal than our own are devising ways to survive off clean energy sources.

Why can’t we do so?

Or is it: Why WON’T we do so?

Dave Henderson

Denison, Texas


3 thoughts on “The Social Immorality of Our Obsessive Quest For Oil

  1. Thirst for Oil is the one and crucial thrive behind the invasions into the middle east. Like you have mentioned United States and its Oil policy compelled that particular country to invade and kill people including innocent civilians.

    I remember, i have read somewhere that, when civil war was at the peak level in Afghanistan in early 1990’s, United States was supportive of the Taliban forces against northern alliances. And when Taliban captured Kabul in 1996, US backed that particular move by extremist group in Afghanistan. But, later Taliban regime refused some US Oil companies to operate in Afghan soil as they wish, that had huge impact on future Taliban- US relations.

    I am not saying that everything which was happened between US and Taliban was because of Oil alone, but it reasonably had major role to play.

    • Well stated.

      Our interests in the Middle East are centered almost exclusively on the notion that “our oil” is under “their soil”.

      If such were not the case, the US would give little interest to affair there. And better for the people of the ME I think!

  2. The answer to your question is “traditional greed” which I define as “But we’ve always made lots and lots of money this way.” Just like ships, the larger you build them, the harder they are to turn. Our energy infrastructure is massive indeed.

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