Denton, Texas Demonstrates Democracy In Action; Bans Fracking!!!

Last night yielded questionable results for the American people in the Senate, but there was a major victory for Democracy in Denton, Texas!!

I am so proud of my daughter Cassie Henderson and the entire community of Denton for standing up to big oil and big money by exercising Democracy in Action by voting to ban fracking in their town.

This grassroots effort was David vs Goliath; a community of concerned citizens versus the money of big oil and the fracking industry.

Goliath spent the money and spread the misinformation.

Goliath threatened to and no doubt will sue the City of Denton for the sins of the citizens.

And what were the sins of the citizens of Denton, Texas?

The sins of the citizens of Denton, Texas is that they refused to be economically terrorized, bullied, and pushed around by Goliath.

The citizens of Denton, Texas refused to bow the knee to Baal by meekly submitting to the will of the fracking industry.

The citizens of Denton put five rocks in the sling, and confronted the mighty, loud mouthed Goliath; but it only took one rock and a lot of collective effort to get the job done.

The people of Denton, Texas demonstrated, held concerts, performed informative and thought provoking plays (Cassie’s significant role was via this venue), wrote letters, and basically banded together against the fracking industry, and THEN….

They went to the Polls on Election Day and collectively said HELL NO to the fracking industry and big oil.

Denton, Texas has won a victory for clean air, clean water, and for the environment.

And in the process Denton, Texas has demonstrated to America what Democracy is and how Democracy functions.

Thank you Denton, Texas for showing the rest of America how Democracy can work for the people and for the planet against greed and big business!!!!

Dave Henderson

Denison, Texas

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